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Dear fellow humans on planet Earth,


In the name of peace and human dignity, I beg your attention and some minutes of your time to read this article.


In past years, with my activities as an activist for peace and human rights on the net, I have received many messages asking about why some Arabs and Moslems hate the west so much. I published some of these messages on my blog and tried to give some answers in my Ebook 'The truth warrior'. I know it's hard to give one answer or a perfect explanation, but I think there are many things that cause that hate. Today I'll speak about one point I noticed recently in the office of the UNHCR in Beirut.


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Please, click here if you don't see all pictures  

This isn't a military base or a jail! It's just the office of the UNHCR in Lebanon-Beirut. This office is the place that deals with refugees on humanitarian basis, not in military bases!!! The asylum-seekers need to approach this office to apply for refugee status and when the appeal is granted by the UNHCR they become refugees. They will need to come to this office when they have problems. You see in these pictures Lebanese policemen stand in the main door of the UNHCR. The refugees donít live in camps or in places that belong to the UNHCR they live by themselves, in another word, the UNHCR doesnít exist out side this building.

Important notice: The Lebanese policemen must don't enter the office of UNHCR because it's an embassy and this is clear violation for the immunity of the office and for the security of the refugees!


The UNHCR is part of the UN and created by the community as coordinator for the efforts of the community to solve the problems of nearly 20 million human beings labeled as Ďrefugeesí in the world. UNHCR represent all the community and all the humans on planet Earth, but most people think the UNHCR is supported by the west, especially by the countries, which have high degree of democracy and wealth.


As Iím refugee who has lived and still lives among refugees for more than 10 years at this moment, I have heard lots about the feelings of refugees regard the UNHCR and the way it deals with the refugees and how that has caused them to feel humiliated and ignored. I spoke about that in my books and my campaigns for years and I have pushed the UNHCR to make many changes in the way they used to deal with refugees.


Unfortunately they returned to one procedure they used years before and they stopped it when I launched many campaigns about it in 2002, I published some of these campaigns in my ebooks.


UNHCR is a humanitarian organization and according to its mandate all of its work must based on humanitarian principles! We'll see if thatís correct. I'll tell you now about the new procedure of the UNHCR in dealing with the refugees. The office of the UNHCR is protected by the Lebanese police as any other embassy in Lebanon, the government appointed many policemen armed with small guns and semi machine guns, those policemen are located at the main door of the office and they don't deal with refugees but they just watch them, also the UNHCR hired a private security agencies and that agencies appointed 3 security agents (guards) with their official uniform but without any arms. They're working now to check the refugees before they go into the reception room on the ground floor. 2 of them do that work (a man and a woman) the 3d agent is working as reception secretary. He has table, interphone, papers and pens.

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