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coloured art:

[11/2003] Long haired Simmoney as a dragon. Ehm..yup..I was tired. Bwaha...this has reminded people of  My Little POny...scaaryy..@__@;;; [11/2003] half vampire, half something: Monroe. He likes to show off his hair..xDDD [early/2003] Yerikhell (longhaired) and Ashayi (shorthair) arguing. Just tried to draw a situation. They're  quite random characters, btw. [25/11/2003] tablet-doodle of Neil (ex-furry, now elf) tried to bring out emotion. boogie. [early/2003] one of my newer characters: Hikaru Kawamaru. Weird kid who likes skirts and..err...being weerird. [early/2003] mm..loookie...a tryout of haaair. *chews on it* [22.03.2003] old characters Javineo and Morris..looking..err..not good..still need to gettheir looks streight. :) [early/2003] random guys. being happy and..er..not happy. [early2003] thsi was just a tryout of how the shrthaired sim would look like when angry. Grunt. Smile suits him better. xD [31/10/2003] happy halloween 2003 to you all from me and both Simmoneys..:D (Tria- and copic-markers..alot of time) [7/2003] Ripley (a chacater since july 2003) likes kittens. And kittens love Ripley. [7/2003] Completely done with tablet. Geh...just tried something out with the picture-size... [7/2003] Twin brothers Jason (longhaired) and Elijah (shorthaired, Korone's character). The lyrics in the bg are by Bryan adams [7/2003] Ripley (on the left) and Christian (on the right, Korone's character) as weird lil' centaurs. Guh...dunno how to draw horseys..XD [7/2003] Ripley surprises his roommate Chris with beer and donut. Chris is probably having a heartatack in this pic of the sheer shock. XD [6/2003] something too cute to excist. Gn... [6/2003] the personification of pain. He's stupid. *kicks pain* [6/2003] you may recognize this Sim from my main-page. xD [4/2003] Simmoney (the longhaired one) tries to be an artist. But fails. Buh. [5/2003] Simmy made a mistake by playing with one of Stake's antique-vases... [5/2003] My writing-muse Moth: loves red ribbons, has a nerve-problem and wears eye-makeup. ^__^ [5/2003] the other personality of Simmoney. Long haired, psychotic and mad (and is attracted to this guy named Stake, who the shorthaired one truly hates). He really doesn't wear glasses. Just drew them here.

[10/2002] Sim
 and I want to wish happy halloween to all of you. [10/2002] my first long
 haired character. Huzzah! Oh...and a demon.... [10/2002] Well,
 there's a little comic of Neil and Oriane (Verna's character) [10/2002] can anyone
 remember my furry dog character Neil? Well,
 now he's an elf [7/2002] Don't know if he's going to be character, but atleast he has a name. And shoes drawn in a new style. [6/2002] The first faery I've drawn in aaaaages. [7/2002] Blue Cat being all blue & stuff... [8/2002] My first attempt to draw art nouveau. I just bought a book about it and had to try myself. Coloured with photoshop.:P [2001/coloured 2002]This is not finished (as you can propably see). I'm just too lazy to actually finish it. If/when I get it finished, I'll update it here. [5/2002] What the picture says. [6/2002] Two new characters. They don't have names yet. Gaah, I hate it when I can't figure names for them...mrr... [6/2002] I think that everyone should draw atleast one pic of themselves as a pirate in their lifetime. Mmm-hmm. [6/2002] This guy was in my dream some time ago. In the dream he was Ewan McGregor's ex-roommate. And he ate vanilla-puddings. Ewan liked chockolate-puddings. They told me themsleves. It was a strange dream. I drew this to my friend. It's Jimmy and the W.F. -The green nailpolish has nothing to do with anything. Card number 1. And the text in all of these says merry christmas in finish. Yay. card number 4. I like this one You have three quesses what this pic is all about. Hint:read the dialogue on the tumbnail. another hint:click it. Happy valentine's day! :P He-hee...mini-briony with bunny-ears with some swirly-bunnies. What else would you want for easter. I was just trying out few different styles of drawing Sim. This is weird. Lookit his tiny feet! A birthday card for mah friend (last month). Heehee (umm...this is the textless version. The original has lots of text there, in the middle.) Hope it�s not too small to read. fairy -calendar: october (my favourite of them) This is..umm...well...you know...eh...click the pic for more info... This Briony's (one of my characters) twin brother, Kelsey. Allthought I'm not sure that I'm going to keep that name... She�s one of the characters in the 'nameless'-project. She�s the most evil of them all. MUAHAHAHAAAAA!!!...krhmm...and the background is just an experiment with photoshop... very anti-Sim: he�s angry. He�s angry to me because I dressed him in brown and combed his hair. Nyeh. an older Simmy -pic. He�s a little racoon. This is the only case he can stand wearing something brown An old (well, not so old) pic of woodooferret that I coloured with photoshop (you can see the black&white -version somewhere in this page, too) Simmoney likse to dress for halloween. This pic belongs to a series of five pics. So, costume 1#: Texas chainsaw massacre. (I had no energy to look what a real chainsaw looks like...) costume 2#: Mary and a little lamb...*blank stare* costume 3#: Stripey creature(!!!) *insane laughter* Muahahahahaaa!! costume 4#: Kitty =^__^= (an older image, but it fitts the occation quite well) costume 5#: Dream (Morpheus) from Neil Gaiman�s 'Sandman'-comic.:D Mister & miss Halloween He�s a nameless evil vampire and reeeeeeally skinny. Yep. Hmm...I think this is kinda inside joke between the people who are familiar with the work of Jhonen Vasquez. Whee! Briony in Jhonen -style. Uuu..a cat character. I haven�t drawn cats in a long time. His name is Terry. Hmm...still getting used to draw that hair...*wheee!candycorn!!* I hadn�t drawn Brinoy in a long time...yay. This is probably the first pic where he smiles. *gasp* a new character: fox named Java. His addicted to coffee... ignore the fact that she has no nose... [7/2002] Once again with the floating heads. My new characters.XD People have been asking about this pic. It's my first pic of Simmoney and it has been in my Elfwood -gallery for some time. Few weeks ago it was kicked out of the gallery for not being 'high fantasy'. I understand. So now it is here. This was drawn last summer. Chester the cat being all mini-sized and mean. [6/2002] The nameless new character. I think he will be in a little better mood after he gets to some of those cereals.:P [5/2002] Weeell, everybody can propably guess what kind of ferrets these are... [12/2001] An old pic of Neil (the blue haired doggie-character). Maybe it'll be coloured some day.:) Ok, so: you who have seen my character Briony know that he allmost allways wears a shirt with that same symbol (see this thumbnail). Heh. But you didn't know that the symbol actually has some meaning. So, this creature belongs to 'The Nameless' -universe. (I'm being mysterous here, but just beacuse I'm just developing the story and don't know anything myself either...) an evil elflady. That's all. A freaky looking anthro ferret. Yup...too much free time... A new Character: Chester the cat. He was inspired from the Chesire cat (hee, look at that grin...scary) New character to my 'the Nameless' -cast: Armadillo Nine. He's the same race as Simmoney and has completely white hair and eyes. Albino. This pic is not finished,btw... I like the details of this one. I was watching 'the Matrix' while drawing this...whee. 'Angel in Discuise'...I�m actually quite proud of this. Yay.