*please read the explanation under the pic to understand even the slightest bit about this...*

Ok, so…I did the Harry Potter costume-party earlier and thought that why not torture my characters even more. So, may I present:
The cast from ‘The Nameless’ dressed as characters from ‘Lord of the Rings’
So, *ramble*:

Oh, first of all: there are two new characters in this pic that weren't in the other costume-party -pic: Kelsey Ferrett (Briony's twin brother) and Armadillo Nine (same race than Simmoney).
Hehee. You know what's funny. It was alot easier to draw this one than the HP-pic. You know why? Well, (as I realized while I drew this) the characters are really much like the ones they are dressed like (and just by accident may I add *glare*).
For example Javineo is one of those...krhmm...how could I say it...strong and silent type (or something to that direction). He's also good with weapons and so on. And Morris here is...well...he's just 'the guy' (rescues everybody and manages to look cool while doing it?...umm...). Agh...can't explain it.
Briony is the sweet and innocent ringbearer (although not as brave or anything, like Frodo). Simmoney and Armadillo are, well, Merry and Pippin (it was hard to decide which would dress up as which).
Evil girl and evil guy are just your typical henchmen of the 'most evil of them all' (not in the picture...actually I don't draw her much...but anyway...), who actually should have been ended up as Sauron in this pic.
The only ones who do not resemble their given characters are Ava, (our Frodo-harrassing-elf-princess in the middle of the pic, if you didn't notice...) and Kelsey as Sam. Ava is much too perky/crazy/weird to be elven pricess (oh, and those who didn't know/do actually care Ava is Briony's girlfriend. That explains the harrassing)and Kelsey is...well, not Sam (too selfcentered and skinny). Maybe I should have drawn him as Boromir after all...

'k. Maybe that's enough for now. You can go away now. Ta-ta!! Bye!! See ya!

oh, but don't forget
’The Nameless’ and it’s cast © Me
’´Lord of the Rings’ © J.R.R.Tolkien