*please read the explanation to understand even the slightest bit about this...*

Ok, so…this is something you do when you are really really bored (or when it’s three ’o clock in the morning)
The cast from ‘The Nameless’ dressed as characters from ‘Harry Potter’
So, krhmm…:

*Javineo --> Draco*
He really doesn’t want to be evil. But he’s the only one with blond hair…sorry Javi (and I also had to change his hairstyle a little bit)
*Morris --> Harry*
Muahahaaa!! As you can see Morris isn’t happy with his share ether. Hahaa. But the haircolour counts again….*chuckles*
*Jemen the rat à Hedwig the owl*
Umm…I could had casted Jemen as Scabbers, but since he’s Morris’ pet, he ended up as an owl (look at those little wings…!)
*Briony --> Ron*
Just give the boy few freckles and he’s ready…easy. But since Bri is an identical twin he could also be Fred or George…hmm…
*Ava --> Hermione*
Well, I would rather cast him as one of the twins or Lee Jordan, but somebody had to be Hemione. Just gave her her old hair back (with different colour) and she’s ready to go
*Simmoney --> Snape (?)*
Ummm…Sim was the hardest to chose a character for…so I casted him as the one who he least would be like. Ha ha! Simmy is too happy, insane and not to mention short to be Snape. And I don’t like that wig he’s wearing.
*The evil green haired girl --> Voldemort*
Well, her desire to destroy and kill and not to mention the love for snakes counted this time…
*The evil redheaded guy --> Quirrell*
Tough one…I couldn’t remember any more bad guys…and you got to admit that the turban kinda fitts to him…and he really doesn’t stutter, it’s only part of his Quirrell –act.

And now I’ll go to draw something that isn’t stupid. Thank you.

oh, and
’The Nameless’ and it’s cast © Me
’Harry Potter’ © J.K.Rowling