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Small One's MU*

What the heck is Small One talking about? you may find yourself wondering. MU? I thought that was a sound cows make! Well, it's true. Cows do sound like that. But that's certainly not what this page is about.

What /is/ MU*?

MU* is the all-purpose abbreviation for online roleplay that includes: MUSH, MUD, MUX, MOO and more. In a nutshell, MU* is a chat system, often used for role playing games (though it's not exclusively limited to that subject). This page is devoted to RPG MU's as those are the MU's I like. ^_^

For more information about the meaning of MU* and other MU*ish things check out Frequently Asked and Answered MUD Questions. Though it says MUD, it's actually a good general guide to MU* in general. The general MU* links at the bottom of the page still work though.


Links to MU*s

Persistence of Memory MUSH

This is the MUSH where I spend the most of my online time these days. Set in Boston, Mass in a near-present-day environment it's a good MUSH. I got approved real quick here but the staff response time in general beyond that has been awful. I've yet to have one @mail answered without severe prodding with the exception of the @mails I've sent to the God of the MUSH - she's actually very timely with her communications. Too bad the other staffers aren't. However there is a newbie helper around a lot so general questions can usually find answers on the Public channel. PCs are easy to find and the overall atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. The system's a little clunky and the +help files disorganized but the RP quality is decent and the staff do seem to be busy creating TPs to sniff about. The fact that they don't answer @mail makes it a bit difficult to pursue the leads though.

A Hint of Malice MUSH

Boston-based MUSH set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. A brand-new MUSH. Staff is limited but friendly. Get in on the ground floor of a new story.

Cajun Nights MUSH

A New Orleans WoD MUSH. This one also has a large grid and excellent code. Staff response time is pretty slow though and RP is incredibly difficult to find. Out of 40 players you'd be lucky to run into a single one on the grid. The dayspeed is 2:1 so time flies fast. The nights are a /lot/ longer than the days too so playing a diurnal character might be rough here. Their experience system was pretty screwy the last time I was there, requiring a +mailed voucher for experience from another player to the Votebit. Only the staff never seemed to read or answer +mail to the bit.

Storyteller's Circle

The Storyteller's Circle is partly an information service, partly a social MUSH, and part Role-Play environment. This is an out-of-character MUSH, except for in-character areas that are specifically noted.

Dragonlance MUX

Based on Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman's novels, this MUX is set just after the Legends trilogy. Most characters are approved within three days, provided the character conforms with the theme and isn't of the unneeded classes. Small playerbase but RP is easy to come by.

Two Moons MUSH

Based on WaRP's ElfQuest, Two Moons has been around since November 1991. It's an huge MUSH with all the tribes (troll, elf and human) plus some. Huge, huge grid. Huge playerbase as well though turnover's pretty high. Due to the sheer amount of players, staff response time is often very slow. I haven't played there regularly in a while but while I was there I didn't see much by way of wiz-run TPs. Expect to make your own RP. There are several established characters online who are looking for family members; a good jumpstart into RP.

Patternfall MUSH

Based on Roger Zelazny's Amber series (the first books primarily), this MUSH utilizes several of the dRPG rules written by Erick Wujick (Amber Diceless RPG and Shadow Knight supplement).


MUSH code. You need it to build objects on your favorite MUSH... heck, you need it to *build* your MUSH. Here's a few of my favorite, most reliable places, including a trove of my own that's a mess of links only. It's really there for my own use and needs tidying something fierce but all things in good time.

MU* Information and Resources

Information on how to roleplay online, where to get clients, how to MUSH and more!

SimpleMU MU* client

My PC MUSH Pages

  • Leaf Graham
    My current World of Darkness persona played on Persistence of Memory.

  • Holly Windholm Walker
    Was my World of Darkness persona for 3 years. Currently semi-retired, waiting transition to a new MUSH.

  • Lel's Cave - The Hub Road
    My ElfQuest persona's MUSH-links page. Primarily EQ links.

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