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Who owns this store?
We are independently owned and do not wish to be "bought" or go under an umberella program unless it would really benifit us.

Do your downloads contain harmful material?
Absolutely not. The games we offer are the games we play ourselves. As avid gamers ourselves the first thing we are on the lookout for is malicious software packaged with the games. NONE of our games contain this, that is a guarantee.

Can i join your group?
Currently we are not looking for any staffers. We have quite enough trouble at the moment :). If any positions do open they will be posted on the front page, if you feel you could really bring something to the team however, please email us.

Where does the store ship to?
Currently the US and Canada. We will ship almost worldwide before the year is out.

What kind of quality can i expect?
Our clothing is not simply an ironed on vector image like many other independant clothing stores. Our clothes are printed using the latest laser technology available.

Can i advertise on your site?
We want to provide the highest quality experience for our customers so we do not want to run ads. If your adverts are relevant and not in direct competition with our products then we can talk. Use the "Contact" link on the left.