What is TBNS?
TBNS is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We believe in providing quality Internet services for free so that anyone can create a web site. Future deluxe services will have a small fee to help cover the costs of bandwidth and new servers.

What services are offered by TBNS?
TBNS offers free web hosting and email services.

How can TBNS offer these services for free?
TBNS does not charge you, so revenue is generated via sponsors. Each banner and advertisement shown on the TBNS network helps reduce the costs of providing you with free Internet services. Please be sure to visit our sponsor's web sites.

How can I donate to TBNS?
You may donate to TBNS using PayPal.com. Our PayPal ID is: paypal@tbns.net.

Is FTP access available?
FTP is not available.

Can I host anything on TBNS?
No. Please check with our terms of service to see what is permitted on the TBNS network.

How do I change my user name?
You cannot change your user name. Please make a new account and ask that your old account is deleted.

How do I reset my password?
Email reset@tbns.net with your email address used during signup and user ID.

How do I delete my account?
We are sorry you were not satisfied with our services. If you would like to delete your account please log into the file manager and use the messaging feature requesting to be deleted.

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