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Life of an Artist

1953: Born in Ardashat (south of capital Yerevan) on February 22. 

1960: Pick up his first paintbrush at age 7. 

1971-75: Attended the Terlemezian School of Arts in Yerevan and studied painting. 

1977: Married Nelli Makhitarian 

1978: First daughter Mariam, born on June 4. 

1979: Sold his first painting to the Armenian Cultural Ministry for the National Museum in Yerevan. 

1982: His work toured in a group exhibition in Moscow’s museums as part of the Soviet Artist's Exchange. 

1983: Second daughter Narine, born on May 9. 

1984: His work toured in a group exhibition in St. Petersburg’s museums as part of the Soviet Artist’s Exchange. 

1989: First son, Rafael born on October 1. 

1992: Exhibition of work in Istanbul. 

1995: Exhibition of work in France. 

1996: Exhibition of work in Beirut and England. 

1997: Exhibition of work in Kuwait. 

1998: Exhibition of work in Beirut. 

1999: First visit to the United States for an exhibition at the Armenian General Benevolent Union in Pasadena. 

2000: Sunday, April 9; Featuring an Art Exhibit "Art in the Afternoon", Sunday Brunch garden party benefiting the Glendale Memorial Comprehensive Cancer Center.

2003: May 20; Glendale Memorial Hospital presented a painting as a gift to the City of Glendale in memory of loved ones lost on September 11, 2001.

2007: Exhibition of works at Bicycle Club Casino, California, USA.

2007: Participated the Art Expo 2007, New York, USA.

2007: Was granted with the gold medal of Fridtjof Nansen who was a great humanist, winner of Nobel Peace Prize.

2008: March 18; Providence Holy Cross Foundation presented a painting as a gift to the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center and art exhibit of his fine art.

2009: Awarded with gold medal of Ministry of culture of the Republic of Armenia.

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