Eagerly exploring the Keep's lush and extensive gardens, you spot yet another new kind of creature and stare at it with interest. It seems to be a small, bird-sized unicorns, with wings!
On a hunch, you give the surrounding area a cursory inspection, and sure enough, Jaysen has supplied yet another critter introduction booklet. This one has a black and white polka-dotted cover that makes you feel vaguely nauseous.

"Sequanna unicorns are the size of a small-bird," the booklet says brightly, "And the males have beards and long fetlocks, which the females do not have. They form mating groups or herds known as 'rants', consisting of 1 or more stallions and any number of mares."

Just as you think it might be useful to have a stallion around to compare how they look, one flits boldly right by your face! He alights on a nearby fence and manages to inspect you with a carefully calculated dose of nochalant boredom.

You take the chance to examine him right back. Sure enough, he has a little beard and furry fetlocks. Another difference you notice is that he has distinctly feathered wings, and a lion-like tail as compared to the mare's horse-tail. You guess that these are varying physical traits, rather than gender differences.

You decide to try your luck with getting a closer look at the next of the tiny unicorns that crosses your path. A mare, from the looks of it, stands atop the backrest of a wooden bench, apparently sun-bathing. You creep closer and closer, slowly so as not to frighten her, and manage to get a very close look at her bi-coloured mane and tail, as well as her tiny gold horn and translucent wings.

#24 Tyng~Lrulumyda "Dark Chocolate" - F - wild x wild
#25 Pmylgpanno~Cdyeh "Blackberry Stain" - M - wild x wild
#38 Lunym~Naav "Coral Reef" - F - 06 x 05

Sequanna Unicorns are from Leafy's HFIL.
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