p a i n t e d . u n i c o r n s

Meandering aimlessly through the Keep gardens, you notice a little gate set in the garden wall, and curiously push it open. Beyond is a wide expanse of lush meadow, but what immediately attracts your undivided attention is a very striking appaloosa unicorn mare, coloured white, black, and gold. Her tail and mane flare wildly, the strands flying every which way in a kind of beautiful chaos.

Sal'sella, mare
She probably knew you were there before you noticed her, but she pretends not to notice you, leaving you confused. However, a young stallion gallops up to you and makes a tight circle to stop before your startled eyes, snorting and shaking his mane.

Timpatret, stallion
Ava'hakli, mare

You spend some moments admiring his powerful beauty before he loses interest and trots off.
Only then do you notice the beautiful young mare standing quietly nearby. She takes in everything about her with her big, dark eyes, and nickers softly at you though she makes no move to come closer. After a while, she moves off with a graceful gait, and you re-enter the garden and carefully latch the gate behind you.

You squeak in surprise when you feel a warm nose poking into you, about waist height. Spinning around, you see another of the painted unicorns, only this one is very small, even for a youngster. Yonmojie'huredil, stallion
You are even more startled when he speaks to you.
'Hello, stranger!" he chirps quite cheerfully. "I'm Yonmojie'huredil, but you can call me Yon!"

A long name for such a small unicorn, you think to yourself.

"Have you seen the others? I guess you have," He nudges the gate. 'Open it for me, please!" You do, and he darts out, quick as a flash. "Thank you!" he calls running off in the direction of his friends.

Alisha'tuthen, mare
You receive your second shock of the day when a graceful, bright red equine neck is stuck out before your eyes, over the gate. You turn slightly to see a beautiful bright red paint mare, with blue stockings and a lush blue mane and tail.

"Sorry, did I startle you?" she says politely. "I meant to ask you to open the gate for me, too."

You do, and she steps through. "Thank you," she says.
"Are you the same kind as those other unicorns?" you wonder aloud. "You're more brightly coloured than they are."
"Yes I am," she makes a laugh-like whinny. "I'm just the first of Jaysen's painted unicorns to have colours like these, I suppose. Speaking of Jaysen," she adds, "He finally allowed me to join a charity! Over-protective keepers!" she complains. "At least he had the sense to pick a good one that we both like."

Now alone, you stare with a slight frown at the gate, as if something escapes you.

#90 Sal'sella 'long peace'
mare, Natheyiv X Torines, birth charity Tetheran
class: Theli ; glory: Unlasta se Cassta (Times and Seasons)

#169 Timpatret 'swift prince'
stallion, parentage unknown
class: Theli ; glory: Eilli Havala (Light Fantastic)

#187 Ava'hakli 'surprise gift'
mare, parentage unknown **gift from Lexington
class: Theli ; glory: Filanasta (Celestials)
All three are in the charity Cyr'sella

#461 Yonmojie'huredil 'joy comes in the morning'
stallion, parentage unknown
class: Nai ; glory: Filanasta (Celestials)
Yon is part of the charity Vye'ahtey

#439 Alisha'tuthen 'summer fruit'
mare, Hillis'gavna(22) x Yia'shexlin(84) of Havalash'doti
class: Theli ; glory: Unlasta se Cassta (Times and Seasons)
Sha'tu is part of the charity Entrada'felisa

painted unicorns come from The Silver Unicorn

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