Welcome to the charity Cyr'sella, meaning 'bright peace'. A charity is a herd of painted unicorns, fostered from The Silver Unicorn.

Or so the little welcome pamphlet says. "What, people actually read those?" You give a start as Jaysen pokes his head over your shoulder and glances at the piece of paper. He grins, announcing, "You might as well turn to the back. There we have a quick list of our members, as well as the relevant info for joining or requesting a foal."

Members of this charity. For more detail, view just the stallions, mares, or pairs.

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Timpatret#169M? x ?Jaysen[ ]
Alisha'joset#396M? x ?Karasu[ ]
Dow'aneth#314M193 x 220Kislah[ ]
Dorin'risil#272M163 x 143Shishi[ ]
mares @ charityf.html
Sal'sella#90FN x TJaysen[ ]
Ava'hakli#187F? x ?Jaysen[ ]
Lete'jes#300F? x ?DragonSpyrit[ ]
Eillista'devaina#350F239 x 107Karasu[ ]
Milar'vishasta#415F328 x 245Azurefalcon[x]
Bant'muedsta#485F245 x 174Lexington[x]
Jotha'inmil#201FV x SAnn[x]
Ayranatha#378F221 x 252Thele[ ]
pairs @ charityp.html
#237M? x ?Shishi[ ]
#362F217 x 193Luminaire[x]

Joining Cyr'sella is always happy to welcome new members of earthy or natural colours such as brown, white, gold, black, grey, orange, and chestnut. The more the merrier! Just email Jaysen. =D

Offspring: Unless marked with [x], you do not need to ask permission to sign for foals from unicorns of this charity; However, as a matter of courtesy, please inform Jaysen if you do, so that we can keep track and have a look at the baby. =)

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