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\\birth date: June 2, 1985 (18 years old, if you can't do the math)

\\fun facts: I drive a 2001 Hyundai Elantra - it's high class.
               I'm still obsessed with my childhood and refuse to grow up                   mentally.
               I consider guitar solos to be one of the finer things in life.
               I'm picky and obsessive compulsive.
               I organize my life by alphabetical and/or chronological order.
               Dreaming is my favorite thing to do.
               I frown upon indie snobs, which is hypocritcal of me since I am                   one myself.
               My biggest weakness is jealousy.
               My one superpower would so be invisibility. Imagine the things                   you could do if one could see you...
               I haven't decided if being nostalgic is a blessing or a curse.
               I'm a Gemini. What does your Teen magazine say about me and                   you?
               I own 2 guitars (a Peavey Predator Plus electric and a Washburn                   acoustic), that have become my best friends.
               I have a home recording studio.
               I think it's trendy to not be trendy.
               I have allergies.
               The most overused word on this site is "hip".
               People say I look much like "Alex De Large" from A Clockwork                   Orange. Do you see a resemblance?

\\reasons for making this website: I've always liked to write. In fact, back in 8th grade, I followed around someone from the local newspaper for "What do you want to do with the rest of your life?" Day to see what it was like. I am now writing for my school's newspaper and while I enjoy it, I feel like I'm held back from writing what I want. So I started this site to explain and express my opinions on stuff and music I love, no holds barred. I also wanted to showoff my photos because I thought they looked neat.

\\contact: [E-mail]
                        [AIM] WarmingTheCurb