I am an 22 year old student in Canada, and I am married. The music scene here is terrible. I don't know anyone else who likes Manowar, most people I know only know about them because of me. The first Manowar album I ever got was Kings Of Metal and it blew my mind. I am now fanatical about Manowar and have 10 of their albums. It has recently come to my attention, thru newsletters and such, that people change their pages and banners with the trends to get more visits. I don't know how long this has been happening, seing as how I just got on the internet for the first time a few months ago, but it makes me sick. Here, were anybody can do whatever the hell they want, we have millions of people just looking to increase their popularity by cheating eerybody who visits. The whole purpose of personal pages is to establish individuality and express opinions, not cater to trends. My page and banner won't change just because the trends do or because I'm not getting enough visits, I like them and all the trends in the world can KISS MY ASS!

For those of you who want to know, here is what I listen to. My favorite two bands are Manowar and AC/DC. These bands both play true to their style and never let their fans down. I love old gothic music from the dark ages and classical music as well. These styles have some very heavy songs if you look hard enough. I like some blues and really like blues influenced rock, such as very early AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and some other bands from the period. I love Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest and other bands of this type. From the 80's metal, not much is good. I like Metallica's old stuff and bands like Iron Maiden and Megadeth. Death Metal like Cannibal Corpse and Death are pretty good as are Black Metal bands like Emperor. I really like Gothic Metal like Mercyful Fate, Theater Of Tragedy(this band kicks ass!) and Cradle Of Filth. Industrial Metal such as Die Krupps, some KMFDM and some Spahn Ranch is also quite good. John Williams, the composer of the music in the Star Wars trilogy is one great composer. I love the soundtracks to the Star Wars trilogy. I also like orchestral soundtracks like The Rock. White Zombie and Gwar are also pretty damn good(Gwar is the oddest and sickest group in musical history).

Recently I have been visiting some heavy metal newsgroups and am enraged at the amount of people putting down Manowar. You can't make a post about Manowar without some asshole replying saying that Manowar and their fans are losers. I don't care if someone says they don't like Manowar(it's none of my business if most people have bad taste), but when they say that Manowar has no talent, I get pissed off. Just because you don't like the style, don't put down the musician's ability. Manowar has some of the best musicians in the word. Joey DeMaio is without a doubt the world's greatest bass player and if any of the losers that say he sucks can play with one tenth of his ability, I'm impressed and very shocked. Eric Adams has a voice like no other. His vocal range is incredible and his screams are perfectly controlled. I'm sure everyone has heard bands whose singer just screams wildly wthout control and that sucks. Eric's voice also has a great number of roles that he can use it for, in slower songs like Heart Of Steel(his voice is even great in German) and Courage, fast and heavy songs like The Oath and Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee, and the epic masterpiece of Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts. There is not song in wich his voice is not perfect. He deserves to be classed with legendary vocalists Ronnie James Dio and Ozzy Osbourne, yet losers say he is talentless. Their guitarists are simply amazing. Every one of them, from Ross The Boss to Karl Logan continually prove their talent. They rival guitar gods such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Richie Blackmore. In a lot of bands, the drummer just stays n the background never really showing any style and it gets so that they are replacable with just abbout anyone with a drum kit. Manowar is different. When your drummer plays on drums of steels because no other drums can withstand the fury of his playing, you've got something special. Scott Columbus is the god of drums. And when Scott left because his son was sick, who replaced him? Rhino! In the first song of The Triumph Of Steel he proves his worth beyond any doubt. So, that covers the musicians. They are all gods of their instuments and therfore the quality of Manowar's music must be good. So why do people put them down? Some would say that they are a bad inluence with all their Viking and sword and sorcery themes, but this is also false. First of all, the Vikings where an honorable, loyal, noble and truthful people. Their religion is based upon these very virtues. Therefore, any Viking influence is good. Next, the days of sword and sorcery saw chivalry and some of the most honorable men of mankind's history, so that, also, is a good influence. Third, every true Manowar fan will stand up for what they believe in and is loyal. This, for many, is solely Manowar's doing. How many Manowar fans started as scared little teenagers who found something to believe in through Manowar, Themselves. No other band that I have heard of, and certainly no other popular band, makes their fans believe in themselves and stand up for what they know is right. No other band inspires loyalty and honor like Manowar. Manowar is among a rare breed of bands whose albums are bought because the fans enjoy the albums and not because they think it will make them popular. Now, that covers song content and I still havent come accross any valid reason for someone to say that Manowar sucks. If, after all this, you think there might be any valid reason, go have your head examined and then read on. The last thing I can think of as a reason is the wording of the songs. I've seen many posts showing examples of Manowar's lyrics and saying how terms like "death to false metal" mean that Manowar are losers(I think these people are missing the logic center of their brain). I've received an e-mail asking what "death to false metal" means. I replied, telling him, and he understood and told me that when most people hear that phrase they think Manowar are wankers and that he will help to change that. For the benefit of those of you who do not know, "death to false metal" means that we want to stop all metal played solely for money and that changes with the fads(this is the false metal). It does NOT mean that Manowar wants to end the lives of of the members of these bands(that would be homicidal and criminal). It is just a figure of speech. Another misconception of this term is that it means that Manowar wants to kill ALL other bands, but that is wrong. If a metal band plays for the love of the music and for its fans, then it is True Metal and nobody(except the false ones) wants to stop them. I've also seen people misunderstand the phrase "other bands play, Manowar kills". What I think this means is that other bands merely play, but Manowar plays powerful enough to kill(or at least blow you away). This isn't just empty boasting, for Manowar is the official loudest band on earth. And who cares how the lyrics are worded anyways? This music is for entertainment. I've seen lyrics sheets that read like an encyclopedia and I can't imagine why anyone would listen to a band like that. That's about it for this subject.

A message for those who would put Manowar down: DIE SLOWLY LISTENING TO MANOWAR'S MUSIC! If you don't like them, forget about them and stop trying to prevent others from listening to them. I don't like Guns And Roses but I don't go around saying that they suck(in fact I think that Axle Rose has the potential to be a great singer). Think before you talk about Manowar. You may not like them, but they are very talented and have a positive message and influence. Don't bother e-mailing me with any nasty messages seeing as how you will not change my mind by doing so.

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