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HEY HEY! ROBERT REDFORD EPISODE 2 : THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM IS OUT! GO GET IT! as for episode's going on production mid-December...please be patient!I SAID BE PATIENT DAMMIT!



-contains screenshots and reviews of Robert Redford Saves The Day episode 1 and 2!

-An interview with ROBERT REDFORD about the game!

-Download the games here! (also a collection of some top AGS games!and a couple o' links!)

- The hint page (tm) contains hints as to what to do in order to solve the game. 

----Created by: Johnathan Portoy, Eric Traverson, Luke Passadena, Rev. Lucas Thornwald, Red Edisson, Mr.John Smith, Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer, Mark Twain, Sylvester Stalone, Betty Davis, Scatman, A pink Elephant, Bruce Cambell and Charles The King of Spain.

   A short biography (by Rex Harisson)

          Born in 1901 in Athens, Kyriakos Hasapis was a healthy 200 pound boy. In the age of 10 he started working as a butcher but his amazing artistic and scientific abilities in the millions of ways to cut meat made him infamous throughout the globe. In 1945 he performed an operation on a pork stake in the Wembley stadium gathering more than 1,000,000,000 people from around the world.

                                                                           kyriakos 1902 at his first communion  

   By the year 1966 Kyriakos decides that it's time for a change. He goes in the computer gaming buisness and by the year 2001 his first game is complete. "Robert Redford Saves The Day" sells 3,500,500,000 copies around the world. People reffer to him as "Mahatma Ghandi" of computer Gaming.

    In May he is knighted sir Butcher of Argyle by the queen of England. At the ceremony he states: "this is an honor for a humble butcher-computer gamer-god but I accept it". After the official dinner he announces that episode 2 of Robert Redford will be released in July 2001. Later on that day he passed away, but resurected after 6 days he promises to continue the making of his game...

1981 Kyriakos Hasapis - vacations in Albequerque

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