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A Game Created by André Dirk (E-mail)

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Knuckles in China Land 

Knuckles in China Land is a Learn Japanese Game combined with a console-style RPG (Role-Playing Game). It is designed to make certain aspects of Japanese, German, and Indonesian language-learning a bit more enjoyable.

Gameplay is similar to traditional console RPGs, with the exception of the battles. In these battles enemies take on the form of Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji or Japanese, Indonesian, & German vocabulary.

Knuckles in China Land contains all the characters from the Hiragana and Katakana syllabries, over 6000 Kanji characters (1000 of them are ordered from 'more common' to 'less common'), and hundreds of Japanese, Indonesian, & German words.

If you are not satisfied with the included content, you are free to add your own using the included Vocabulary Editor. The Vocabulary Editor and the Knuckles in China Land game both support non-Latin input. This allows for content for virtually any language to be added.

Use the URL http://www.kicl.info (Donated by q00u) to link to this site.

This is not another NES-style fight-the-slimes-and-save-the-princess RPG.

Knuckles in China Land has built-in learning content for the following languages:

- Japanese
- German
- Indonesian

Content for any language can be added using the KiCL Vocabulary Editor.

This content can then be used in-game, in the same manner as the built-in content.

Gameplay is similar to traditional console RPGs. Outside of battles, you can take your time to explore China Land.

Sometimes Knuckles will run into battles. Battles are where vocabulary/character learning takes place. There is a battle tutorial in the first village. Roumaji is automatically converted to kana.

If you've played a Sonic game before, you'll easily be able to recognise the save-points. Be sure to save your game before boss battles.

Knuckles in China Land has multiple endings. If you are lazy, you will get a bad ending.

Further information is available in the Help File included with the game.

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