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Primer Series
One Small Step; One Giant Leap
by   Richard   Rieben
First Posted – 1 January 2004
The premise of the Reciprocian political application is that liberty can be created by individuals, for individuals, between individuals, and that the process can start right away. Even while the implications of the foundation of liberty continue to reverberate in your mind and in your perceptions, the document can be signed and the contract is begun.

As noted previously in this series, choosing liberty does not depend upon being perfect or erudite. Primordial self-interest is sufficient grounds for individuals to choose liberty. The lack of conscious understanding confounds our normal, conventional attempts at implementing liberty – not a lack of belief, zeal or vigilance, but of understanding. The main thing that needs to be understood is that liberty is a different commodity than conventional "government," and that you cannot approach it in a conventional manner and expect to get anywhere with it.

The Constitutional Revision process also begins. The Reciprocian constitution was published after a ongoing revision process that spanned eight years. Since publication, I have become aware of several points that I would revise. However, in terms of principles and in terms of capturing the process, the book is complete. It actually needs no revision, except in regard to some of the details. As the years pass, a revision and a second edition of the book will come to pass. I make the following offer and request:

Prior to signing the Reciprocian contract/constitution, I encourage people to edit it – consciously (aware of the process of going from principle to application, and of the interference run by your own preconceptions and cultural programming). Send me your edits (post only, no emails). When I revise and issue a second edition of Reciprocia, I will send everyone who sent me serious edits a free copy of the revised constitution. There is no guarantee that I will incorporate all the edits that I receive. The details of a political contract/constitution is not a one-person job – nor is it something that is authoritatively imposed by fiat. It needs the input – eyes and brains – of individuals who have a commitment to and vested-interest in their own liberty.

[2006 Addendum: Not that there's any need for cautionary statements, but ... a lot of this stuff has been superceded by the Contract for Liberty in terms of the logistics of revision. The book, Reciprocia is no longer in print, will not be revised or republished, and the only source of information that you have to go by is presented on this TakeLiberty website or the ContractForLiberty website ... and that's more than sufficient. In other regards, I have not changed my principles, but I have shifted my presentation over the years, such that I am less than interested in anyone's understanding of or commitment to the idea of liberty – that is your personal responsibility, not mine. I would like to expand on this idea, but suffice that the only way to achieve liberty is to proceed individually. The Contract is a transitional device, as a means of supplanting the existing government and instituting a backdoor political agreement – a kind of shadow government to fall back on when the time comes. Of course, it is also a statement of principles by which to live your life in the meanwhile, even politically. The domain name "TakeLiberty.com" will lapse in 2006 and not be renewed. I will try to keep the site active, and I will try to keep the ContractForLiberty domain/site alive – as long as I still believe it may have any value to anyone out there. Good luck.]

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