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Primer Series
Revelations, Reverberations
by   Richard   Rieben
First Posted – 1 January 2004
The political solution/formulation is an application of Reciprocian philosophy. It is one application out of thousands of ramifications that flow from that philosophical foundation.

A core philosophy (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics) has impact on every aspect of human existence. It is pervasive and invasive. We are generally only aware of the secondary philosophical branches, as formal applications of the foundation. We are usually oblivious to subtle programmed values, and the affect of these on our decision-making process, hence on our subsequent choices.

A recent reader of Reciprocia "thought" the book was about political philosophy. She read it reluctantly, since politics did not interest her very much. She first tried to classify it – liberal, libertarian, conservative – but gave up on that after the first few chapters. It didn't fit into her understanding of what "politics" means. With encouragement, she kept an open mind, and soon became fascinated with the ideas behind the applications. By the end of the book, she had a new paradigm for understanding what the power structure was and how it worked – and she understood the dimensions of its opposite, liberty. But the process didn't stop there. Living in an intensely domination culture (USA), she began seeing everything in a different light.

The consequence of reading Reciprocia at that level of openness is to turn the lights on full. You will be hit by a series of revelations while you read the book. But that light doesn't go out when you finish the book. It is an application of a philosophical core – a foundation – that reverberates through every aspect of your life, changing how you see things, and how you regard your own programming. It doesn't force you to rethink your culturally imbibed philosophy, but it does give you tools for continued re-evaluation. And it gives you a framework in which to rebuild your understanding of how things work.

Reciprocia isn't about "politics" as you understand the concept. Moreover, although it is an application, it isn't really about politics at all. It is about your humanity ... and your choice to be human.

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