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Primer Series
Two Basic Views
by   Richard   Rieben
First Posted – 1 January 2004
Reciprocian philosophy holds that there are basically two kinds of philosophy extant: Domination philosophy, which is essentially group-oriented, and subordinates the well-being of the individual to the group – wherein the health of individuals derives from the health of the group. Opposed to this is nondomination or Liberation philosophy, which is fundamentally individual-oriented, and recognizes the sovereignty and autonomy of the individual – wherein the health of the group is a reflection of the health of its individual members.

Reciprocian philosophy is not utopian. It does not claim that its political application will create a perfect society of rational, caring human beings. Nor does its political application require that people be rational or caring to begin with. Primordial self-interest is sufficient grounds for individuals to choose liberty – but it is their internalized domination cultural programming and values that leads this quest off the road ... and into the ditch. It is their lack of conscious understanding that confounds their efforts, not a lack of belief, zeal or vigilance.

The metaphysical, epistemological and ethical foundation of Reciprocian philosophy is not a belief system, but an understanding of "the nature of things" based upon a standard of health for the human being. The political, economic, sociological and personal applications are logical consequences of the foundation, derived from principle to accommodate a standard of health. They are applications that benefit the health of individuals.

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