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Misfits: For or Against Liberty?
by   Richard   Rieben
April 22, 2005.
Liberty - individualism - cannot take root where people are proud of being collectivists. Name any spot of the planet where people are not patriotic, are not nationalistic, are not proud of their heritage, religion, culture, customs, mores, and the values of their group, clan, collective, nation - where mavericks outnumber subject/citizens. That is where to plant the seeds of liberty. For that is where they will be nurtured, and nowhere else, except by stray misfits in a collectivized world. Most of those stray misfits still adulate the values of the collective - and think in terms of collective methodology - and are mostly filled with envy toward their better adjusted fellows. They are not individualists, but ill-adept wannabes.

Being a misfit or maverick isn't bad by any means. Not when they wish not to be like the zombies, but wish to awaken the zombies. It is not unhealthy for misfits to wish others were more like themselves, only to wish that they were more like the others. But misfits are socially inept for a variety of personal reasons, very few having anything to do with integrity. Most are badly compromised by concessions to the collective, including work, education, culture, associations, personal relationships, and intimate relationships. They may remain misfits despite many compromises, but their integrity is not in tact - they have sold out - and they resent those who have not ... who were either too strong or too inept to sell out.

And so, even amongst misfits of great number, the larger, compromised portion will strive to change the collective, not to reject it. They may hate the collective, but they do not fear and resent it, as they do individualism, along with true individual liberty. Their fight for liberty is very much compromised and muddied by these personal complications, conflicts and turmoil. Many of the great libertarian thinkers and writers are tragically tortured souls. Their cries echo down through the ages and resonate in the breast of every misfit of whatever description. But these literate and well-reasoned cries are, for the most part, born of a personal ineptitude - if they could belong, they bloody-well would - rather than from a natural prizing of themselves that has survived childhood in tact and been nurtured into adulthood as a commitment to independence that simply sees no value in the collective nor its affairs, culture or heritage.

Amongst the libertarian intelligentsia throughout history, you may find one in 10,000 who is a true individualist - these few are not "with the program" (by definition) - who is actually committed to liberty, and who actually knows the composition of liberty. Amongst these few in number, through all of history, they will not harangue the crowd nor emulate the methods of the crowd.

What they will do - and about all they will do - is assert a position, publicize it, defend it ... and leave it at that. They do not wish to engage the crowd nor the arguments of the crowd. They are indifferent to the crowd. Even as they hate its existence (as a travesty of human potential) and wish to vanquish it, they do nothing more than hold up a placard in the lobby of the clan that reads "Liberty, this way" with an arrow pointing toward the exit. That is all they do. That is all they have ever done. And, finally, that is all that can be done.

You cannot not bring a collectivist to individualism and make him see, comprehend, understand, agree, value, or desire. The same with bringing a slave to freedom. (And it is identical, for a collectivist is a slave, and individualism is freedom.)

The majority of the compromised freedom-fighters will say they are being practical. And this truism - the inherent pragmatism of modern libertarianism - is the primary reason for their failure. Worse: the fact that by all and any of their efforts, they have done more to reduce liberty and enlarge the state than at any time in history. The true enemies of liberty - judged by the results - are those who have compromised with the clan: the libertarians. For the most part, this collusion by nationalist-bred, misfit collectivists has been entirely unwitting. So much the worse - they did not even care to know the damage they wrought, and they continue to deny their role, as true abdicators of the defense of liberty and the only true obfuscators of the composition of liberty.

Their written record, along side the wholesale slaughter of liberty throughout the world, is a track record of the most horrific - and focused - campaign in the history of the species. It also accounts for the greatest diversion and derailment - and betrayal - of the energies of people who wanted liberty and needed tools to defend it. There has never been a more tragic "big lie" than the libertarian defenders of liberty.

As a practical matter of survival, yes, you will have to make compromises when you are living in a collective - a nationalist state. But survival is not liberty. Even surviving well and comfortably is not liberty. (As the great concentration camp of Amerika demonstrates.) If you are "happy as a clam" with your manacles and handouts, admit as much, and quit muddying the water. If your natural integrity makes you inept, but you wanna fit in, be one of the gang, and belong, take your rightful place on the side of the Borg - your resentment of those who value their integrity makes you the most vicious enemy liberty will ever have.

Finally, if you value your integrity, survive as best you can. You alone are what the species was created for. You will want others "of your kind" (i.e., human), and you will wish that other people were more like you in their independence and priorities. Without needing anyone to share your values or interests, you would at least prefer that other people had their own values and interests, rather than those of some group or authority. But wishing won't make it so.

In your desire for human company, you are very likely to encounter a rash of misfit wannabes who would be Borg if they could. Due to their great resentment and fear of you, they will be your greatest challenge and your greatest enemies. By their own self-treachery, they are committed to betrayal and will do everything in their power to persuade you to betray your values - your self - as they have done. They will misrepresent themselves. They will misrepresent a "liberty" agenda. They will endeavor, by cold calculation, to trap, entrap and ensnare you. Survive them.

You will want others of your kind (i.e., human). Within a nationalist collective (virtually anywhere on the planet's surface), true members of the human species will all, like you, be in some compromised position as the price of survival therein. You will not be recognizable to them, with your slight but necessary stoop. Nor will they be recognizable to you. Survive anyway.

About the only thing you - and other humans like you - can do is work toward liberty so that you - and others - can stand upright without compromise. Working toward liberty is not a matter of working with the collective. You may have to do that in order to survive within the collective, but this, you already know, is a temporary compromise for survival - qua human being, with the intention of outliving the collective. You are not going to outlive the collective as long as you are surviving within it and, by necessity, supporting its existence, unless you are also working very hard to destroy it.

The only thing that you need to destroy in regard to the collective is its power and authority. This is objective rather than subjective, for it is not merely the collective's power over you that you must end, but its power over everyone. Do you wonder at this?

You will want others of your own kind (i.e., human). You do not owe it to them to liberate them. They do not owe it to you to liberate you. This is not a group effort, nor is it to the benefit of anyone but yourself. Freedom, alone, is - in some sense - doable. And also pointless. Meaningless. Not real. An illusion. Not liberty.

But let's be clear: you are not working to beat back the collective so that you can then have human friends, nor so that you can herd all of those liberated, upright humans into a group that you can, finally, belong to. Well, but - I wasn't talking to the wannabes here, was I?

It is very unlikely that you would share values or interests even with other upright humans. That's not the goal nor the expectation. Then why is it an objective goal instead of simply removing yourself from the collective's line of fire - and spending the rest of your days dancing around your campfire, hugging yourself with delight?

Because you will never be free until others are likewise free. You will never be free until you are surrounded by upright humans who respect your freedom and expect their freedom to also be respected (by you and everyone else).

And only then will you discover - and experience - what this species was created for.


copyright © 2005 by Richard G. Rieben