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The Dangers of Responsibility
by   Richard   Rieben
Written 15 January 2003. Previously published as a pamplet by BPI.
Health and liberty – I suppose it's the same issue: responsibility.

Disease and tyranny have much the same cause: evasion of responsibility.

It is both: that simple and: a bit more complicated than that.

If I were to outline a plan for you to have abundant health, live a long life, completely free from disease and with unlimited freedom of action, you think you would leap at it – but you wouldn't.

Rather than give up your drugs (any variety of drugs – toxins), you would prefer poor health, disease, and diminished capacity. You make a choice. It is usually a conscious choice (you are aware and have been – obnoxiously – informed).

If I were to outline a plan for you to have complete political liberty, being fully secure in your individual rights and having complete freedom of action, limited only by the equal (same) individual rights of other human beings, you think you would leap at it – but you wouldn't.

Rather than give up your illusions (any variety of illusions – indoctrination), you would prefer authority, domination and diminished range. You make a choice. It is usually a conscious choice (you are aware and have been – obnoxiously – informed).

The problem, in both arenas, is that you have been brainwashed into thinking that you do not have to be responsible for your own health or your own political liberty. You have been collectivized in your culinary tastes and your social expectations. You have been ritualized into unhealthy practices that have been culturally glamorized and made to look attractive, so as to hook you, debilitate you, and make you weaker as an individual, increasing your dependence upon the clan, group or collective ... and looking to them for solutions to the physical, social and psychological dis-ease that these drugs and illusions generate. Well, not for solutions, exactly, but for amelioration of your discomfort (dis-ease, whatever).

More than a vicious-circle, this is racketeering at its zenith. The medical industry and the government are both rackets, in a mechanical sense. But they are merely cashing-in on the racket that the social body (the collective) itself plays upon its members, generally, through a hundred different venues.

The main tool of the collectivist racket is philosophy – the science of twisting things around, so that you don't even know that you are eating toxins – so that you are unaware that you are enslaved – so that corruption is viewed as natural and inevitable – so that you believe in a "natural" order of social domination (it's self-evident, you say).

Philosophy is used to justify both your enslavement and your physical, mental and moral debilitation (weakening).

I could say this starts in family (morality), or in religion (metaphysics), or in education (epistemology), or in art (esthetics), or in business (ethics), or in social rules (politics) ... but all of these are effects.

When I say that philosophy is the main tool, I mean that it precedes, infects and directs all realms of human endeavor. And it does so with a purpose – either to liberate the individual human being (toward health) or to enslave the human being (toward disease).

Philosophers and philosophies of liberation (health) are few to altogether absent in our present context. We would scarcely be able to recognize or utilize them, from our present debilitated condition, in any case. They are irrelevant to this discussion.

Philosophy (what we now have driving all the cultures of the world, without exception) has many sources and permutations. In the history of philosophy, we have Plato, Kant and Hegel, branching off into Hobbes, James, Dewey and Marcuse. But these you do not recognize, any more than you recognize Existentialism, Pragmatism or Positivism, so it is pointless to mention them, even.

You are a marionette that dances to their strings, but you do not even know that you are whipped around by strings. They are not light strings, but heavy, twisted, knotted, thick cables. You think they are part of the background; part of normal existence; part of reality. I cannot say that you do not feel them. I know that you do feel them. You feel their weight. Life, your life, is a burden. But you feel that this weight, this heaviness, is normal. You cannot imagine life without this weight.

Philosophy paints an aura of delectability and respectability over toxic potions and noxious notions to whit the appetite and make them seem attractive. I am not talking about advertising. This precedes advertising. Without it, advertising would have no effect upon you. It is the "self-destruct" programming put inside you that makes advertising work – that makes you want what advertising promises: power, security, love, status and continued irresponsibility ... and that drives you to seek the debilitating drugs that provide this illusion, whether these take the form of food stuffs, medicines, hallucogenes, religious rituals, music, films, fantasies, television (news or series), money, performance, relationships, or just about every human process or endeavor that you can think of – warped to satisfy this internalized deficiency (that never can be fulfilled, because it is false to begin with).

Okay. That's the clue, right there. Philosophy – the overriding driving force that blankets the entire world – is false. All of it. From its inception. All of your philosophers, teachers, leaders, rulers (in the classroom or in the workplace or in the government) perpetuate the lie, manipulate the facts, twist reality to deceive you (and, ultimately, to abuse you). Moreover, they have a vested interest in your continued docility, complicity and conformity.

Furthermore, using envy and resentment, they employ the entire population of the earth to enforce the lie upon any individual who might see through it, who wishes, not drugs and illusions, but health and real freedom. That envy and resentment, enforced upon the individual, begins with increasing degrees of intimidation to force compliance.

If this fails, physical force is brought to bear upon individuals directly, in the form of vigilante action, ostracism or economic sanctions, or indirectly (but more forcefully) through police action or legal action (the full, authoritative and "legitimized" force of the collective). The group, thus empowered, can strip any individual of all his assets, protections, security and his reputation ... and his life itself.

This is done on a regular, ongoing basis. But the threat of this (intimidation) is usually sufficient to bring most of you into line.

The individual, nowhere on this planet, has protection from the group – nor from the philosophy of the world (which is false).

Now, when I say "false," what does this mean? A false philosophy? Basically, it means this: that the philosophy is inappropriate to the actual nature of the human being. That it misrepresents the nature of reality, of the universe and of the human being (in all aspects – ethical, social, metaphysical, sexual, epistemological, psychological, medical, political) in order to effect domination over the species. Well, "in order to" is irrelevant – it misrepresents the human being such that domination over the human being is the only course left available.

It denies and obliterates the concepts of health, freedom, independence – and responsibility. Not that it goes so far as to remove the words, but it twists the meaning of the words – so that "health" is a poor imitation of real health, so that "freedom" portrays a happy slave, so that "independence" shows a person being "independent" with a group of supportive friends. And responsibility? Well, that is what you "owe" to the collective – your duty (see Kant for the contorted origins of this subhuman concept).

I don't know. I suspect the language is so corrupt that my meaning cannot be made clear... But let's continue to pretend that I am communicating and that you are understanding.

I have a plan for government that would liberate the entire planet. Nobody is interested. I have a health-regime that has, in the space of a year, shaved 20 years off my age (and I hope it stops or I'm going to turn into a puppy!) Nobody is interested. (In the diet:)

Both plans require personal responsibility of the individual. The philosophy of the world discourages responsibility – punishes it.

The philosophy of the world is false. It results in people hating life and wanting to suppress the well-being of their fellows or, simply, of seeking domination over their fellows, or simply, of finding a sense of belongingness in a group. It subverts, perverts, and corrupts human beings without exception and without surcease. It just goes on and on, in a chain, whipping malevolently down the ages and flipping us into more of the same in the future.

It doesn't even matter that one person stands up and says: it is false. Or two. Even worse, if a more than two stand up and say: it is false, because that just creates another collective ... another group of individuals imbued (programmed from birth) with the same false philosophy as everyone else, trying to make a relative stand in the shifting, illusory sand.

The solution? I have worked out various philosophical solutions, especially in the political venue – and even published them. These are meaningless to programmed zombies. Completely beside the point. They would prefer fiction – fantasy – delusions – drugs. I have followed my own philosophical precepts and taken responsibility over my diet with astonishing results (but not really so astonishing, merely compared to conventional expectations). But this is irrelevant, as well, because nobody wants to loose their chains, give up their drugs, or, worse, to become self-responsible.

The implementation of the political course of action (liberty), alone, would wipe out the false philosophy within a generation, but that is not going to happen. You can't force people to be free; you can't force people to think. I suppose you can force people to be self-responsible, if you pull the artificial support out from under them (as my political charter would do), but that is partly why it is not going to be allowed to happen.

There is, therefore, another solution. And I am working on it. Or ... no, wait a minute ... who me? I'm not working on anything.

I will give you the absolute, tested, fool-proof solution right now:

This: turn your back on your culture. Do not join another culture. Turn your back on everything you have ever been taught about everything, especially art, especially sports, especially food, especially politics, especially language, especially religion, especially sexual roles, especially family, especially music, especially values, especially business, especially etc. The "especially etc." is particularly relevant, because everything is important.

One soft drink will hurt. One good social deed will hurt. One television show will hurt. One vote will hurt. One softball game will hurt. One visit to the folks will hurt. One trip to Wal-Mart will hurt. One church service will hurt. One conversation with a zombie, will contaminate you. It will hurt: it will prolong your debilitation, it will add to the support of domination in the world, it will delay your getting healthy and will hasten your demise. Facts.

Health is a matter of self-responsibility. It only demands complete social repudiation and isolation when you happen to be living in a world that is laboring under false philosophy, interwoven into every aspect of life and enforced upon everyone by everyone else. Only then. Only now.

Self-responsibility means that you rely only on your own judgment (logic) and perception, without any cultural assumptions. Since you are already programmed with cultural assumptions, you must repudiate these (and repudiate yourself – your opinions, value-judgments, values) and isolate yourself from them. And then take control of your own life.

Are you living in a closet? Hmmmm .........

Well, you see, I could be working on a solution ... or maybe not ... the point is, not to let anyone know what I am doing so that I don't become a target ... but this kind of thinking indicates to me that I've been living in the Midwest too long already ... because I am beginning to sound like everyone else around here.

I seem to have too much social interaction, even though I am living in isolation from everyone! I know this has something to do with aliens ... or at least that's what my neighbors would say. It's probably not just aliens, but a conspiracy ... of aliens ...

It goes this far: rather than confront reality (of the collective and their own brainwashing – values), people will invent any number of external phenomenon to place the blame on or to use as an excuse for kow-towing (to being subordinate and chronically bent-over). They feel powerfully threatened and – well, – it's can't be acknowledged that they are powerfully threatened by those nice folks at the hardware store, or at church, or on the job (by the conformist values of the other members of the collective) – no! It must be aliens! Or the Fed. Or a conspiracy. Or the Devil. (Or – depending on your geography – the Americans! the British! the Iraqis! the Israelis! the Nips, Wops, Wetbacks, Gooks, Niggers, White folks, Men, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Catholics!!!)

Their solution is likewise placed outside themselves, in the form of rescue by people who are brighter than they are – or stronger – or richer – or empowered with sorcery – or those supreme court justices who are presumably "white knights" – or God – or Santa Claus – or, well, yes ... aliens!

They place the blame outside themselves. They place their hopes and trust outside themselves. What does this make them? Primitive, tribal, collectivist savages – victims – poor dumb farmers (workers, whatever) – plain, simple folks – slaves.

All the above. They have one thing in common: they shun, repel, avoid, evade, deny, and repudiate all personal responsibility for their own lives, survival, health, well-being, values, beliefs and welfare. In one form or another, at one level or another, they are all committed to passing the buck – for their own existence.

They were taught to do this (by the collective), encouraged to do it, discouraged from assuming personal responsibility, penalized for assuming personal responsibility (through almost every social interaction) – and eventually gave it up as the price of being one of the gang. The collective won (again) and another slave was added to the ranks.

It is insufficient to say that the problem is political – or epistemological (education) – or ethical. Or that there is a problem with the values that are promulgated through nationalized (collectivized) art as a steady diet for 100% of the population. Or any other particular venue or aspect or reality or thing.

The problem is philosophical. It is in the ideas that you believe about yourself, about human nature, and about the nature of reality. False ideas. Intentionally false notions, designed to castrate your responsibility and to lead you (through the belief in the truth of these ideas) to castrate your neighbors (and your children).

And to provide you with the illusion that you are not responsible for being castrated yourself or for castrating others. That this is normal and that you are a decent, well-adjusted member of society (the collective) – respectable as hell, and twice as self-righteous (in pure, and venomous, denial of your own complicity in your own condition and your effects – actions – upon others).

Of course, you can scream all you want that you are not responsible. That you are just the victim of philosophy – and that you didn't know where it would lead – has led – and continues to go. That you are no intellectual. (Oh, how proudly you say that! – as though stupidity were a virtue ... which, in the collective, it is).

You will do likewise, when your health degenerates and you start to "wear out" and call it "normal" aging ... in your late 30's. It's the same thing. More of the same.

The solution that I am working on is called "responsibility." It applies to MY life. Not to yours. I do not care about your life. That is up to you.


Don't "get with the program," people. Get out of it.


copyright © 2006 by Richard G. Rieben