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Liberty Series
Taking Liberty Underground
by   Richard   Rieben
Chapter 5 - First Posted – 1 January 2004 
If I were to suggest a path directly to liberty, it would not include any kind of organization, group, gathering, membership, conference, convention, or committee.

The main reason for avoiding group efforts is that we are coming from societies that contain anti-liberty cultural conditioning. This conditioning pulls us into familiar patterns, which are anti-liberty. We may be capable of dealing with this intellectually, but rarely can we get away from it socially. The arguments that people get into in committees have to do with power strategies ... with control of the group and with the group's purpose.

The backhanded "beauty" of the Libertarian divisiveness has been attributed to the individuated independence of libertarians – such that everyone wants to do things differently, and that the organization is struggling to "herd cats."

The odd thing is that these people presume that we must have an organization to marshal our forces for liberty, but each person has a difference concept of how the group should be organized.

Liberty cannot exist in a vacuum nor in anarchy. But the definitive structural requirement of liberty is that it cannot exist under/within a hierarchic, authoritarian, elitist, collectivist, power structure.

All forms of government ever implemented – throughout history – are unsuited to liberty. They kill it.

Most people tend to think that if we take the authoritarian power structure and turn it to good ends – socially, ethically or politically – that we can achieve a kind of liberty. Or they think that with a better set of masters, we won't need to change the form itself. These views do not take into consideration that the FORM itself is inherently corrupting.

This corruption exists at every level of these "traditional" group structures, such that using these conventional structures to implement liberty is like trying to grow sunflowers in the basement.

That's more of an explanation than I wanted to go into here, as I have covered it before, but the point is: we can never organize FOR liberty. Our culturally learned concepts of organization will subvert the goal before it ever gets off the ground. This is the primary flaw that keeps liberty locked into the fantasy realms of idealistic ideology. The implication is that it is not applicable in the "real world." The fact is that it is not possible to achieve liberty using the tools, methodology or structures of tyranny.

All of our governmental structures are designed for domination over a population. If you are serious about liberty – howsoever you conceive it – then you have to rethink every dimension and layer of government, from purpose, to structure, and even its relationship to the individual.

However, since you are a product of cultural conditioning, in order to be able to think about governmental structure, you must be able to think "outside the box."

Historically, whenever people attempt to do this, they get snagged by anarchy. And perhaps sheer laziness is the kindest thing that could be said about this diversion. Confronting the manifold contradictions within themselves while trying to bring coherence to the elements of domination in our sociopolitical structures, people abort the effort in favor of abandoning government completely as the least stressful alternative: either fall back into the status quo or leap into anarchy. This evasive leap leads, in application, back to totalitarian government – upon a particularly hellish road.

There is another road that I sketched when I was writing Reciprocia. Since this wasn't, specifically, the point of the book, I did not dwell on it, nor have I since then pursued it.

Indeed, in my efforts to sell the books, I have fallen back into my own cultural power-over indoctrination ... that I already know does not work when it comes to liberty. Conventional thinking on everything in the world (from sex to electronics to building a house to peeing) is anti-liberty. (I don't quite see how peeing could be anti-liberty, but I've not yet been able to get "outside the box" on that one – perhaps it has something to do with composting?!) The point is, when it comes to advertising and marketing, the techniques work for hyping snake oil to fools. They don't work when trying to sell something that is beneficial to people who are sincerely concerned about their personal well-being.

I also fell back into my collectivist programming in my 2001 book, Handbook for Liberty, which makes a proposal for a forming a group, online, and to start building a community. I take it back. The proposal, not the book. The book concludes by saying that, regardless of the viability of a particular plan for achieving liberty, the essentials for recognizing and applying liberty do not change, and this is the essence of the book. Handbook is a valid distillation of what liberty is, though it will never see a second edition with its present thesis on group activism. With Handbook, I was trying to "adapt" liberty to what I was finding in the conventional liberty movement ... it is only later that I realized that the conventional liberty movement consistently diverts energy away from liberty.

The goal of liberty needs to be clearly conceptualized, but more: The road to liberty needs to be cloaked in such a manner that it cannot be hi-jacked, derailed, diverted or subverted – intentionally or unintentionally.

If we are serious about the value of the goal (and about our own well-being), then we must be able to protect it from ourselves – from our own indoctrinated, anti-liberty assumptions, values and whims. And we must be able to protect it from those authoritarians who would intentionally subvert it in order to create an "ordered," unfree and conventionally domination government over us (and who would, then, call the thing "liberty"!).

This is only the tip of the ice floe ... and we are entering an Ice Age for liberty. It needs to be protected from our governments, from our surveillance agencies, from the Illuminati (and all the other secret societies with domination agenda), and it needs to be protected from every other person who supports the present domination "regime" (wherever we are living) – people whom we meet and interact with daily.

It needs to be cloaked from everyone – in order to come into existence. This is not a paradox. There is a way to do this. It has been spelled-out in some of my other writings, although the rationale for this methodology is only implied.

I'm not too specific, because what would be the point of posting a sign that reads,

"Dear Illuminati, CIA, Mr. Tyrant, Ms. Nosy Do-Gooder, and so forth, et. al.,

Here is the secret plan for implementing liberty throughout the planet, as a parallel government intended, over time, to displace and supplant all existing forms of governmental, organizational, economic and institutional domination. I'm sure you can figure out how to stop it. But I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Sincerely Sucking up to the Powers that Be,
John Doe

We are talking underground in a way that makes media propelled "grassroots" efforts look as vapid as they are. This is deeper than any "wartime underground" or any infiltration by alien powers. And it is more secret than any of the secret societies. (Yes, deeper even than the infiltration by extraterrestrials.) We are talking about the real thing ... a deep, entrenched, pervasive, viable, tangible threat to all the domination powers on the planet. Without violence, without confrontation, without organization, without meetings, cells or spies, without a leader, and without any "further" strategy sessions.

It is completely secret, though not "secret" as in "secret society." It is "secret" as in "individual choice." And although it will have the thought-police miffed and alarmed, it is not something that can be stopped.

Is liberty really so fragile, that we must go to such lengths (and depths)? No, not at all. It is extraordinarily robust. What is fragile is you.

You are not a product of liberty but of domination indoctrination. Your masters, who have bought your soul with cunning, stealth and duplicity, are vehement in their "god-given right" to indoctrinate, diseducate, rule, control, and direct your limited choices. In a power structure, these "masters" include your neighbors and your friends ... and you rank in their number in regard to your cultural reinforcement upon others.

The fragility of your position, hanging carefully as a house of cards, is that it is not sustainable except through the continued complicity, support, sanction and defense of those who are its victims. These victimized people self-implode daily, and the subgroups have regular blood-lettings (wars, famines, epidemics – all of them planned), but the overlords keep a tight rein on what you can see, on your available options, and on the survival index of you and your loved ones. They have you by the short hairs. And all of you know this.

Liberty threatens this balancing act at its root. But the only chance it has – in the context briefly described – is an end run ... through what is a "nonexistent" back door. Oh, it does exist, but they'll not see it, nor may you.

There is no other way to do this.

I am not a "secret society" kind of guy. I think secret societies are sucky, silly and stupid. And I know that the appeal of an "underground" movement for many of you indoctrinated authority worshippers is imagined in the context of some kind of ancient European society, cloaked in secrecy, with special code words, handshakes, jewelry, rituals, ceremonies, titles, and so forth. You have been taught these values, through comics books, religion, academia, literature, films, television, music, newspapers, childhood games, computer games, et. al. Saturated with it, 'til your head spins. And I am both sorry for you, and also sorry to inform you that my plan contains none of that "thrilling" cloak and dagger stuff.

Means determine ends.

War will not bring peace. Authority will not engender sovereignty. Intimidation will not create independence. Rebellion will not bring liberty. Rescue will not promote responsibility. Name-calling will not garner respect. "Getting along" will not make friends. Threats will not provoke security. Fear cannot create strength. Force will not win anything worth having. And all traditional organizational structures (from Robert's Rules of Order to football) will lead to the subjugation of the individual to the group at the end.

The process of creating liberty is a two-parter: 1) the individual and 2) acting from principle.

I could be more clear, but why spell it out? If you are getting a glimmer of an idea, follow it, and it will become your own idea as you put it together. If it seems foolish and illogical, then you're probably at the right place. But it's neither foolish nor illogical, just unexpected.

Having said this much, I doubt very much we will take anyone by surprise – in the end. But with the built-in voidance of corruption, cloaked in deniability, and secret to the point of being invisible, no one will be able to investigate, monitor, hinder, or stop the silent, steady liberation of the planet.

It's an inside job. A philosophical heist. A reclamation of stolen property. The restoration of individual birth rights and obligations. The resurrection of human dignity. And an end to the abuse cycles of history for the past 10,000 years.

Will you be rescued? Will a messiah come to save you? Will you get there without any effort? Nope. This is not a scheme, scam or game. You have to do it yourself.

Will you be carried along by all the others who participate? Nope. This is the beginning of benevolence (volitional goodwill), but it is the end of altruism (duty and self-sacrifice). Not choosing is a choice, and that choice will be respected.


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