To You…With Love.

Dear friends and customers...
            …Believe me when I say that this single act is one of the hardest I've ever had perform in my entire lifetime. [All 16 years of it, at any rate.]
            Application for C.I.A.C. chibishounen adoption is pronounced officially closed till further notice. We will reopen for a short period of time in June, and we'll see what we can do from thereon.
            We know you've noticed that we haven't been alive for a long long time. For that, and this announcement, I believe we owe an explanation.
            Although there are theorectically two people running this site, Djinn is the one who keeps everything in working order [i.e. does everything.]. However, she has recently [in accordance with the British system of education] graduated from secondary school into junior college. With this change, her routine. has effectively fallen to pieces. She now goes to school at 6.30am, gets home at 7.00pm, and works till 2.00am regularly. As you can guess, that doesn't do for much of a life.
            With her life [what's left of it] in shambles, C.I.A.C. has also descended into shambles. Djinn no longer has the ability to maintain a semi-customisable adoption agency full-time. Thus, C.I.A.C. is being converted into a batch-based agency. What does this mean for the customers?
            This means that C.I.A.C. will be open for application only in certain months - mostly school holiday months. Announcements will be made a week in advance on the front page, and in this period of time, all compliant chibishounen applications will be accepted.
            In the meantime, the C.I.A.C. pages, chibishounen guide and all, will remain up, so you're welcome to visit. The counter kiriban scheme, also, is still in operation. Special chibishounen will still appear around important occasions, unless Djinn is really too busy. Updates will still be made if neccessary. The only difference is - applications will not be accepted when outside the time periods specified.
            So what will happen to past applications that have not been answered? Don't worry. Djinn will slowly work on them until they're all cleared. The order of clearance will probably be rather random, with the easier ones settled first. Please be patient, and Djinn will try very hard to get your chibishounen to you. She is very sorry for the whole mess, and she rather wishes she weren't in JC, thank you.
            Where will JeMx Adoptions go from here? Well, Djinn reckons that she could do a bit on the side with click-and-takes. Without customisation, a lot less time is needed, and you still get the pretty anime-styled adoptions. ^_^; Hopefully, you will support us in what we attempt to do, and we thank you for all the support we have received for C.I.A.C.
            C.I.A.C. was Djinn's first-blood, and thus she hopes it will survive. It is not my fault, and it is not yours. But we all get hurt, don't we? We hope for your continued support - please accept all apologies for this unfortunate affair. We are terribly upset about all this as well. If you have anything to say about this, please mail us at . Believe me, we're pretty miserable about this whole affair, and we need a bit of feedback to know if we should go on. [No, this is not a cheap way of canvassing for attention.]
            ...Perhaps if we work hard enough, the spark will not die.

Djinn of JeMx, April 2001