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Aagh, where did the holidays go?! >.< Into History lectures and tests!


Okay, that was just lame. ^.^;;


Djinn is currently trying to finish her history project. >.< Her groupmates aren’t helping much either. In addition, Djinn’s house is currently under renovation and she hasn’t been able to check any mail account in the past few weeks. If anyone mailed about the Halloween specials, you might have to wait even longer. ^.^;;  Don’t worry, they’re still adoptable.


Despite all that, Djinn’s actually completed the Christmas special! So you should just go and see Dancer, the second reindeer chibishounen now. ^.^ Merry Christmas, everyone!!




I bet you thought I wouldn’t do a Halloween special this year! ^.^;; Well, currently Djinn’s in an even worse pickle than since the last time you saw her, since JC life never gets better, but worse, and she has a huge assignment due tomorrow [Singapore doesn’t celebrate Halloween] and her Chinese finals next week. Nevertheless, she sneaked out lecture time to draw the Halloween Incubus, just as she promised last year, and somehow managed to colour it in time.


The Halloween Incubus is the first standing non-custom chibishounen, with the most elaborate clothes [i.e. not very] any chibishounen has had so far. So of you might not think he looks very chibishounen-y. ^.^;; I can assure you he is one. If you don’t like him, I’m truly sorry, but I certainly hope you will. ^_^


On the cyber-adoption front…Djinn hopes to open C.I.A.C. up for a few days in the December holidays, and will try very hard to do so. In the meantime, she has also decided to come full circle, and open a click-and-take style adoption agency – ‘ii! Chibi Adoption Sekai’. The chibis there are true chibis [in a Djinn-type-style], and we think won’t disappoint. Hope. Mae has also come up with a type of anime-related adoptions that are…strange but VERY cute. ^.^ Hopefully, we will be able to get these all up as soon as possible, and set up a JeMx Adoption Front. We hope we will have your support!


I think we’ve received some mails in the past month. Unfortunately, we also got hit by the SirCam virus, a Kakworm, and other strange phenomenon. If there was something you needed a reply to, we’re very sorry! ^.^; The June special chibishounen, too, needs an apology attached. The hard copy was lost…and we hadn’t scanned it in… ^.^;;; On the other hand, Djinn has half-done a kitty-chibishounen special. If you all would like something like that, Djinn will try to get it up soon. ^.^;;




*Gloom* Well, as you can see, we still haven’t had the ability to reopen C.I.A.C. Djinn has holiday lectures, and her midterms are right after. >.< Right now, we’re working on a little June holiday special chibishounen, so hang on. ^_^


And, an IMPORTANT announcement…


After much deliberation, we’ve opened a cyberadoptions guardian agency – The Gin’Ame-ko Guardian Agency!




It’s a bit click-and-takish, just as animeish, and meant as a bit of a treat for all you loyal supporters, so if you’d like, hop over to check out the Gin’Ame-ko fairy boys now! ^_^ -<3




This is a very bad time for all of us. Please Read THIS Now! If you have not already done so, thank you. It is extremely important, so, please, if you care at all about anything we say, read it.


Other not so earth-shattering updates are :

     - With the upgrade of Mycomputer.com to paying services, we were forced to find new

       guestbooks and counters. We’re starting counter hits from 6000. Jenna of 4000,

       please contact us by the end of the week. Thank you!

     - Dasher has finally been taken down. Thank you to all those who reminded me count-

       less times that Christmas is over. ^_^;

     - Usa-ko, the newest chibishounen special, is up. He should be up for some time.

     - We’ve decided not to move from tbns.net for the time being, but please, still link to

        the http://ciac.cjb.net url.


As you can guess, we’re feeling pretty lousy about all this. We’re really sorry for all the fuss. >.< Till next time!




*Note : Bleah. Of all the times for stas.net to be down. Please do not link to this tbns.net url, we will be moving soon. We just had to get it up to explain several things while we disappear for a week on a family vacation.


We aten’t dead. After the previous long period of absence, C.I.A.C. is finally back on its feet with a new webhost, a new look, and several new sections! What on earth happened to us before? Finals, school admin, and exile. That simple. What to take note of :


1. Crosswinds popped-up, so we had to go. Please, folks, change all your links to http://ciac.cjb.net , then you can find us wherever we go.


2. We’ve handled all the requests sent to us before the 11th of December except for those with problems, and we’ve replied to all of that as well. If you have applied for a chibishounen before that date but have not heard from us, we probably did not receive your mail, or you did not receive our mail. Please contact us again, if that is the case.


3. What has been added? Lots of things! A lot of things have also gone through a makeover, though the basics are still there. A lot of graphic problems have also been cleared up, and Quinten runs the shop now. Have fun with the site!


That’s mostly it. Please run around C.I.A.C. and have fun! ^_^ *Note : We’re being bundled to Japan and Hong Kong tomorrow for a family vacation, and won’t be back till nearly Christmas. If you haven’t gotten your chibishounen not, you probably won’t for a while. ^_^; Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it. Till next time!


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