The Accessory Shop


You blink as you enter a shop and see a pleasant-looking young man reading a book at the counter. Well, well. A new face.

     “Welcome to The Accessory Shop,” he greets, looking up from his book, “I’m Quinten, and I’ll be your shopkeeper for today…or any day, actually.” He adds thoughtfully.

     “All these items are C.I.A.C. originals, specially designed for chibishounen use. …As Djinn likes to put it, all purchases are to be made in Ciacean, our internal currency. It doesn’t exist, so there’s no need to pay.” He laughs lightly. You wonder if he’s loco as well. “Just click and take whatever you need for your chibishounen.”

     “Oh,” he suddenly adds, “There have been reports that some people can’t right-click and save the items. If you have that problem, just mail us, and we’ll send you the item you want. Have a nice day!”



 This metal whistle is what your Shuyou has been wishing for. Getting all those chibishounen to listen

            up can be hard, you know.


  Mirror. Two guesses. Seriously, your Miryouku will refuse to let you live in peace if you don’t get

                   it one.


 Every Senshu wants a basketball. Every Senshu. It’s one of those Senshu things.


  Whether it says so or not, your Ureshii would love a bento (box lunch). Lunch included…

                      actually, it’d be a good idea to get one for any chibishounen.


  Cute, isn’t it? It’s a plush bunny, appreciated by all, but most of all by Kawaiis.


Even though your Rikou comes equipped with a book, it’d dearly love another.


  …And a bookmark to go along with it.


   Gems such as this are popular with himitsus. We wonder why.


 This hairbrush is suitable for all chibishounen’s use…although it might be a bit hard to get a Senshu’s

              hair down. It is almost a must for Miryouku and Rikou owners though, on account of their long hair.


     “That’s all we have right now. More items will come if there are any helpful ideas. Meanwhile, we’d appreciate it if you sent us suggestions on what new items to manufacture for chibishounens. Thank you!”

     On that cheerful note, you leave the shop and the nice young man – what was his name again? Quinten, that’s it. You do, however, wonder what in the world is he doing in a place like this. No matter.