C.I.A.C. Rules

The Five Commandments


1. Never never steal any of our graphics. All of them were painstakingly hand-drawn by Djinn. Especially donít take the chibishounen as she loves them to bits and might turn rabid.


2. If you do adopt a chibishounen, you have to link back to C.I.A.C., we need the business. Awfully. Chibishounen like to be seen. Please link to http://ciac.cjb.net


3. Please give us credit where credit is due. If you claim the chibishounen are your creations, Djinn might cry, then bring you a pointy reckoning.


4. Please read the whole adoption procedure and follow it carefully. Applications which do not provide the required information might not be entertained.


5. While we do encourage chibishounen adoption and have no limit to the number, please be considerate and only apply for one or two each time you apply. Also, our advice is not to adopt too much of the same chibishounen type, they might get jealous. ^_^;