The Repository


Welcome to the Repository, our library, gallery and doujinseum all in one. Here is where you’ll find art, fiction, comics and other creative works about ours and other chibishounen. We hope. We would love it if people contributed some chibishounen related works of their own to fill up our miserable Repository. Thank you and enjoy!




Chu! new!

By Anchella

The very first piece of fanart! Kindly contributed by Angela Cosenzo [Anchella]! Featured here are her own chibishounen, Kensuke the ureshii and Yoku the kawaii.


Hug new!

By Anchella

Another one from Anchella, also of Kensuke and Yoku. Thank you!










JeMx Internal Batch : First Evolution

By Djinn

A fast, short comic about the evolution of the JeMx Internal Batch. Right now, only page 1 and 2 are up. It’s a speechless comic…with no mouths. (Oh, and the orbs were c&p from the original…)

1 - 2