New Visitors’ Center


     The two crazy people who greeted you at the door smile at you. “Ah, a new visitor,” The long-haired, and older, one says, “Follow us.” Hesitantly, you do so. Luckily, as they lead you through a door marked ‘Private’, they seem to become less crazy than they were.

     The three of you walk in silence down a relatively long corridor. Finally, you reach a small chamber, with several exits embedded in the walls and a table in the middle. Finally, the crazy people speak.

     “My name is Djinn.” The older one bows. The younger one grins like a nut at you, “I’m Mae! Pleased to meet ya!” You murmur a greeting in return. “It’s company policy to explain some important things to new visitors, so we have brought you here,” Djinn continues “Please do us a favour and listen carefully to what we say.”

     She pulls a large board out of nowhere and starts to point at the various passages of text, answering your questions along the way.


What is the Chibishounen Interdimensional Adoption Center, anyway?


     “The Chibishounen Interdimensional Adoption Center, also known as C.I.A.C. (shorter, easier), is a cyber-adoption center owned and operated by the JeMx sisters, namely, well, us. It specialises in Chibishounen adoption. The Chibishounen-dex introduces you to the basic chibishounen types, a must if you want to adopt. Go to Adoption Procedure if you want to adopt. The Accessory Shop is where you can find all the chibishounen accessories. Hall of Specials displays chibishounen specials. Contests and Kiriban hold contest information and gifts from C.I.A.C..The Repository contains all art, fiction, and other things of interest concerning chibishounen. Adoptions and Gift Pets are where our own adoptions from other agencies and pets that were given to us as gifts reside.”


What are these Chibishounen you keep talking about?


     “I thought you’d never ask!” She smiles, “Chibishounens are my pride and joy. They are humanoid pets that are created solely by me, you’ll never find them anywhere else. There’s too much you need to know about them to be squeezed into a tiny paragraph. Please, spare a few minutes to go to The Chibishounen Guide to learn more. It’s almost imperative that you read it if you want to adopt a Chibishounen. However, I will stress some things here now. Chibishounens are not human, they were created pets and happy to stay that way (i.e. no chibishounens were harmed in the creation of this adoption center). They are sentient and highly intelligent however. Occasionally, I will come up with alternate dimensional chibishounen, such as neko-chibishounen and angel-chibishounen, but only if the idea meets with approval…oh, and all chibishounen are male. That’s explained in The Chibishounen Guide. Occasionally, when we have contests and such, anime character and personalised chibishounens will pop up.”


What sort of adoptions are they?


     “All chibishounen have the same graphic template as the seven chibishounen types…I suppose you could say they all look the same.” She winces. “The good thing, though, is that the adopter is supposed to tell us what colour they want us to use for the hair and eyes, and I’ll create them as such. So in the end no two chibishounens are exactly the same. Also, they are the kind of adoptions you need to apply for, as each chibishounen has unique colouring. They’re not click and takes, sorry. And you need a webpage to put them on, with a link back to us somehow. Chibishounen like to be seen.”




     “If you apply for and get a chibishounen (applications are entertained on a first come first serve basis unless there is some special reason), we’ll send you a chibishounen orb (to know more, refer to The Chibishounen Guide) that you can keep or display until we finish CGing your chibishounen and send it over.”


Do you have any rules or guidelines?


     “Yes.” She replies promptly. A floating block of letters suddenly appear. “We hope these aren’t too strict, but we feel they’re rather important…


You examine the Rules. [You MUST read.]


     “I think that’s it. If we run into any problems, more rules might be established.”


…Why are your graphics so grainy?


     Djinn turns red. “Er…ah…you see, I’m basically a technical-idiot. And she’s worse. We’re not really computer people, and bad things happen when we try to make webpages. If we didn’t like the chibishounens so much, we wouldn’t even have tried to do C.I.A.C….but don’t worry. The chibishounens, when grainy, are due to resizing problems. If you adopt any, we’ll send yours to you with accurate sizing, so they shouldn’t be. We realise that some people would view us with contempt on grounds that we’re trying to do something that we’re not smart enough to…but all I want to say is, we’re only doing this because we really like those little guys, and thought that perhaps some other people might like them too.”


Some of those little guys look vaguely familiar…


     “Oh – oh!” Djinn brightens, “We forgot to tell you! A couple of the chibishounen (Miryouku and Rikou) were based on two characters from a manga called Sotsugyo M, which is illustrated by our favourite favourite mangaka, Yukiru Sugisaki-sama! It’s one of our favourites…and have some of the most stereotypical characters around. We love Syo so much, we couldn’t resist the little ponytail…No harmt meant. They are different, just based on for love of.”


Anything else?


     “No.” Djinn smiles cheerfully. They take you back through the long corridor and out to the reception area. Djinn gestures to the various other embedded exits. “Explore. Meet our chibishounen, they’re linked from the Chibishounen-dex. Adopt some chibishounen. Enjoy.”