Contests and Kiriban


Contests and Kiriban is where we showcase and house all contests information, entries and results, as well as where we display gifts [kiriban = gift] from and to C.I.A.C. [as if we’d ever get any…]. There are still no contests at the present moment.




From C.I.A.C.


Counter Hits Kiriban Scheme

As our counter number neared a 1000, we decided to implement a counter hits kiriban scheme [a spur-of-the-moment decision], where every n000th vistor [with printscreened proof] would receive a chibishounen custom-made to his/her preferences, absolutely free [prizes negotiable]! See. It pays to revisit our page. :P


1000th Visitor Kiriban

Andrea of Cybriar was our 1000th visitor! Come and learn all about her custom dragon-morph chibishounen, Anrusui.


2000th Visitor Kiriban

Taimat was our 2000th visitor! She requested for a very unusual custom chibishounen. Come and see Nagusami.


3000th Visitor Kiriban

Chibi Ningyo was our 3000th visitor! Information on her custom chibishounen – Youko Kurama, will be up soon.


4000th Visitor Kiriban

Jenna was our 4000th visitor! Unfortunately, we never got a request mail after her first confirmation mail [yes, we did reply], so we have not been able to do a chibishounen for her. -_- Jenna, if you’re seeing this, can you please mail us?


5000th Visitor Kiriban

Andrea of Cybriar [yes, again. ^_^;] was our 5000th visitor! Information on her custom chibishounen – a unicorn anthromorph, will be up soon.