The Chibishounen Guide


Chibishounen are cyberpets for adoption, created by Djinn. Their name is a description of what they are, derived from two Japanese words – Chibi (small) and Bishounen (pretty boy). In anime manga (which Djinn and Mae are inordinately fond of), ‘chibi’ is practically a technical term, a noun for the small, cute version of a certain character. Thus, the seven chibishounen types are literally chibis of seven main animemanga bishounen stereotypes. They are stereotypical, and meant to be that way. A chibishounen will rarely deviate from its intended personality. And for those who can’t tell, all chibishounen are male.

Shounen ŕ boy.


Though chibishounen look somewhat human, they are created to be pets, and stay that way. However, in all other aspects, they are quite quite human. They are sentient and intelligent, and possess all the internal and external workings of humankind…in that, they are somewhat like child-looking creatures with the mental age of a teenager and simple wants. Er. I hope you know what I mean.


Chibishounen start out as chibishounen orbs painstakingly created to order by Djinn. After a period of incubation, the orbs evolve into chibishounen. Different chibishounen orb types are identified by their generic colour code.


Most chibishounens are perfectly capable of speaking human language. However, they feel like they have an obligation to try to communicate with gestures, cute sounds, and simple words. They were, after all, created to be cute. Many a chibishounen owner has come home to witness their chibishounen deep in conversation about quantum physics (quantum physics? …must be a Rikou) with another chibishounen, then find themselves confronte with a demand for a ‘hug hug’.


Chibishounen are traditionally chibi-cute. They do have mouths. Just not always visible. Their eyes, however, are what mark them as chibishounen and not just simply chibis. Rather than usual anime eyes, chibishounen eyes are gemlike, and do, indeed, have market value as rare gems. There have been terrible cases of chibishounen poaching for their eyes.


Chibishounen are societal creatures, and they usually socialise with other chibishounen, making friends and doing things that normal teenagers do. They have a tendency, if their area allows, for getting into scrapes that require teamwork to get out of.


While accessories are not required, chibishounen owners are urged to get some for their chibishounen. Most chibishounen would appreciate some accessories, as they are rather teen-like in their wants.


Sometimes, if a chibishounen owner decides after a period of time that he wants very much for the chibishounen to evolve into a teen body, the chibishounen owner can contact us, and after we review their care of the chibishounen, evolution might occur. Evolved chibishounen speak normally, and are in almost all aspects like normal teenagers. One distinct thing is that they retain their gemlike eyes, though less prominent then. Such evolutions, however, are extremely rare, as most chibishounen are prized for their chibi-ness.