This is the basic chibishounen-dex. Here, youíll learn about the seven basic chibishounen type and their characteristics. These characteristics are similar interdimensionally. However, each dimensional species might display some unique characteristics of their own. The information in the Ďdex is essential to chibishounen adoption.


Click on the picture (not life-sized) of the chibishounen type you want to know more about. There are seven basic chibishounen types. If you havenít seen The Chibishounen Guide, please do so.

*And just in case : chibishounen are all male.

type - shuyoutype - miryouku††type - senshu

type - ureshii ††type - kawaiitype - rikou

type - himitsu


All chibishounen potrayed here are from the JeMx internal batch. Thank those guys for posing. ^_^ That also means that these chibis have colouring unique to our domain, so any theft would be recognisable. Moral of the story is donít steal. *Nods*


Meet the JeMx Internal Batch.


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