Adoptions and Pet Gifts


This is practically an indulgence section. ^_^; The adoptions’ part is mostly for Mae’s uncontrollable ‘kawaii! Kawaii!’ urges, and mostly consist of those widdle animated gifs. *sighs* The pet gifts section are for those gifts we get that are actually cyberpets. Since we’re not very active and Djinn isn’t very keen on adopting [too wary], there probably won’t be much of anything here.




new! Trois new!

Trois is a minature half-horse [more commonly known as mini-half] based on a certain Gundam Wing pilot, who just happens to be our favourite... ^_^; For him, we are inexhaustibly grateful to Jaysen. We just can’t say enough, so take a look for yourself.






Kiri is a cute little cat-morph girl from Andrea to thank us for Anrusui. *happy happy* Go see!


From the CAOF…


We were proud members of the CAOF.


The Cyberpet Agency Owners’ Forum is owned by Starluck, and your best bet for help with your Cyberpet Agency…as well as a place full of…er…colourful characters to goof around with. No other place like it in all of Delphi! Except that it isn’t in Delphi anymore.


Angel Boys

One a special birthday gift, the other part of a three-gift-set to the forum folks, there’s really nothing like Duo’s angel boys. ^_^ ! Djinn’s pride and joy in their limited adoptions.


Djinn Kitty

Part of Magnus’ CAOF Kitty Project, it’s a Djinn kitty! You really have to see this one.


Djinn Horse

Part of Misty’s forum members’ personalised horses series, it’s, er, a Djinn horse! It’s appearance came as rather a surprise, and a good one at that!


Djinn’s Birthday 2000

A few gifts from some friends at the forum. *sniff* They sure know how to make a person feel special.