About Us


What’s the deal with you two?


We’re a pair of sisters who together make up The JeMx Dimension. If anywhere on the net you see things concerning JeMx or Djinniworks, that’s us in the former and Djinn in the latter. ^_^


We first came up with the idea of chibishounen and making them cyber-adoption pets when Djinn got incredibly bored in Maths tuition. Toying with the idea for more than a month, she suddenly received the compulsion to do them late one night (at about 2.00am…), drew all seven and CGed them all. She slept at five that night/morning.


Djinn is the elder one, and the mastermind behind…well, everything, come to think of it. She dreamed up the whole chibishounen thing and all its little details, built the page, drew and CGed everything. She loves the chibishounen very much and would kill if anything went wrong. However, she has little to no hope in humankind, so she doesn’t expect anything good to come out of this venture, even though she near died for it. *gloom* Oh, and just in case there are any page purists reading this, Djinn does not know html. Not a word. All these pages were done with MSWord. Call it cheating if you want. She’s not trying to hurt anyone, just put her chibishounen on the net.


Mae is the younger by five years one, and…and…well, doesn’t do much, actually. She tries. Most of the time she just hangs around being genki genki. She does help Djinn make decisions, mostly by repeating what Djinn says, but it’s the thought that counts. Nevertheless, C.I.A.C. would never exist without her. *Well, sometimes she does CG some things. Like the bento and stuff. Recently, she’s been started on doing certificates [leading to a national disaster and several mixed names…].


…And what’s the deal with Quinten?


Er…heheh. Quinten is a rather startling new addition, isn’t he? Simply put, he’s our interdimensional shopkeeper. He’s in the majority of the shops that have to be run. Djinn created him one day [a long time ago, by now] to run a little shop, and took a fancy to him. Pops up everywhere now.


…And what’s the deal with this new look?


…You noticed. This is the second edition of C.I.A.C., brought on by a vision, the need for a new webhost [Crosswinds broke out in pop-outs], and a background that loaded a bit too slowly. This new version colour is a careful amalgamation of blue and green, the former being Djinn’s favourite colour, and the latter Mae’s. I know the picture looks strange…*cringes*…I don’t usually draw like that. Weird.