Please take the time to read these guidelines carefully. =] Any questions are welcome.

What you need to do:
1. Read the rules here.
2. Make a suitable page-home.
3. Check if available, then apply. (click button below)

A pre-made page just for your mistrals is required to apply for adoption. This page requires:
    1. a link back to EITHER and ONLY or [link image]
    2. at least a couple lines of text (describing the environment or some such) and a decent background or background colour.
    3. no other creatures except mistrals.
Mistrals are picky creatures, but as long as your page fulfils these requirements, you should get a mistral. =] Better-made pages, though, are more likely to receive the type of mistral requested.

You must never:
    1. claim that the mistrals are your creation or art.
    2. re-adopt out the mistrals or distribute them in some other way.
    3. modify the mistral graphics in any way.
    4. use the mistral or supply graphics in any way except on a single page as related to cyber-adoption.
Note: You cannot apply for a new mistral if you have one from a previous clutch that isn't in its home yet.

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mistrals and aikousha 2001 Shan/Jaysen