Mistral breeds and types

Mistrals come in only three distinct, stable breeds which differ in appearence and general temperament, as well as themes/types. Only males have forehead horns.

Within each breed there are usually 4 separate types of mistral connected by a theme. Probably due to their fae ancestry, the breeds regularly change their themes. Such a change occurs every few clutches. (and coincides with the changing of the critter graphics ^_~) For further info on the individual types, please see the theme archive.

physical Characterised by miniature wings-ears and a spread of tail feathers. Spiralled horn.
temperament This breed of mistral is generally very affectionate, and fond of physical displays of love. Chirpy and often (too) talkative, fun-loving and adventurous.
themes Usually of intangibles such as elements and emotions.
physical Furry ears and long-maned tails. Plain horn.
temperament This breed is very loyal, and capable of remaining calm and rational even in the midst of chaos. Good at giving solid, practical advice.
themes Tending towards natural inanimates such as minerals, rocks, and metals.
physical Wavy mane on the crest and no ears. Tail is fantastically (and impractically) curled. Curved horn.
temperament Given to thinking and quiet contemplation. Wary of strangers and quite aloof.
themes So far all botanic (plant) themes.

Mistrals born of parents of different breeds and with the characteristics of both are called cross-breeds, and mistrals without any distinct theme are called hybrids. (more info on the breeding page)

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