Mistrals rarely pair for life, most are like normal animals in terms of having many partners. They do not have much parental instinct: eggs are abandoned in the nest, thus making adoption possible. Read on for more information, or check out the Clutch Directory for a list of parents.

breeds/types . Any two mistrals may mate, regardless of breed, theme, or type. The babies may be type-less and theme-less (called hybrids), or of a type fitting the parents' theme(s). Mating two mistrals of different breeds will result in cross-breed babies that have a combination of their parent's physical features.

clutch size . The size of mistral clutches can range from a single egg to as large as a dozen or more. Clutch size is determined by how well-kept the parents are, and the applicant is allowed to keep or give away up to 50% of the babies. (the rest are adopted out). When the applicant owns only one parent, the other owner is allowed a single second-pick in clutches of 3 or more eggs.

uniques . Through breeding it is possible to get double-uniques (critter graphic only used twice/flipped) if your mistrals are well-kept.

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