Mistral theme archive
This archive lists all known themes and types of the three mistral breeds, including colours and personality adjustment.
FIRE - fiery colours, tending to assume a leading, sometimes domineering position.
WATER - cool blue, beautifully shifting hues. more reserved than most miniwings.
EARTH - excellent at camouflage thanks to its mossy, soil-like colouring.
AIR - patterned with fluffy white clouds. a tendency to being air-headed (no pun intended).

CHALCOPYRITE - a gaudy metallic mix of purple, blue, grey, and gold. rather proud of their colours.
FELDSPAR - patched in pink, white, and grey, very caring and kind.
TIGER EYE - warmly striped in gold, brown, and black.
AGATE - striped in earthy reds, browns, and muddy green.

ZEBRA - white and black stripes, with a black tufted tail.
OKAPI - black stripes on a white and brown hide.
TIGER - black stripes on a golden orange hide.
WATERMELON - red, yellow, and forest green, with black.
NECTARINE - golden yellow and peachy orange. sweeter in personality than most swirlycurls.
REDGRAPE - wine red, black-purple, and deep green. fond of forceful debate.
BLUEBERRY - blues and deep green. fond of quiet, logical persuasion.

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