Shamaris Merchibis are little male versions of mermaids. =] Sometimes also female, according to my mood. ^.^;; They are like human children/teens in temperament and behaviour.

Some look fairly mature, like Shamaris <--, and some look very immature. This is because the term 'merchibi' spans the 2-year period in a mer's life when he rapidly grows from a tiny chibichibimer (4-year period) to adult.

The mer diet is largely made up of various seaweed (or water weed for freshwater mers), but includes fish when in seasons of abundance, as well as shellfish and other seafood.

adoption rules:
  • Have your merchibi named (follow naming rules below) and settled on a page within 2 weeks. Be sure to let Jaysen know.
  • Your merchibi's page should only house critters from aikousha, and preferably only merchibis (since they have a unique habitat).
  • Your merchibi page should have a legible link to aikousha at

    Merchibi names must include one of the following phrases adapted from Latin:

    ae (e.g. Aelae)
    Keveho aqua     estus
    fluo       fons
    lambo    mare
    maris     nasci
    natus    piscis
    quor      situs
    undo     veho
    ver       xiphias

    merchibi01 Aquarius kylanafae mane plain
    merchibi02 Aequor Misty mane gradient
    merchibi03 ??? Tygress solid plain
    merchibi04 Xiphiasi Kidari arc gradient
    merchibi05 ??? R*Skye segmented plain wrist fins
    merchibi06 Aquamarine Dusty mane plain wrist fins
    merchibi07 ??? Aurora mane gradient
    merchibi08 Alcyon Fons DW mane gradient
    merchibi09 ??? Karma mane plain
    merchibi10 ??? DragonSpyrit solid gradient
    merchibi11 Amicae Misty segmented plain wrist fins
    merchibi12 Aemaris Kidari mane plain
    merchibi13 Gekko solid plain wrist streamers
    merchibi14 Aquavinu strawberrycatgirl ruffled plain wrist streamers
    merchibi15 Verici Misty solid plain
    merchibi16 ??? Obiwa solid gradient
    merchibi17 Aenatus Bright Promise twin banded
    merchibi18 Piscis Indigo ruffled banded
    merchibi19 Ulanasci Asynjur mane plain female
    merchibi20 Vox di piscis loquaxis DW twin plain
    merchibi21 Aevin BrightWater Quartek arc gradient
    merchibi22 Keveho Jaysen arc gradient
    merchibi23 Karma mane gradient
    merchibi24 Aquagi strawberrycatgirl mane watermark
    merchibi25 Vehomaris BrightPromise segmented banded
    merchibi26 Shamaris Jaysen twin watermark
    merchibi27 Ignatus Doomsday solid watermark
    merchibi28 Silenver Misty mane watermark
    merchibi29 Kylana solid gradient
    merchibi30 Aurora arc gradient
    merchibi31 Kevover Lexington mane gradient wrist fins
    merchibi32 Shamare Lexington twin watermark

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    merchibis 2001 Shan aka Jaysen.
    this tile background, 'sea soda', is not for public use.