Here are some links to some of my favourite sites under certain catagories.

Online Games
These are some of my favourite Online Games which I highly reccomend you play.

Alien Adoption Agency

Alien Adoption Agency is a huge multiplayer online game, with over 100,000 players!!
Adopt you own ickle alien and train it up for battle with other aliens. This game is huge and there is so many things to do from Fishing, Gambling to Guild Wars!


A new online game with a very origional idea which gives it a fresh feel which is well and truely needed to keep you gaming.

Island of the Dragons

Island of the Dragons

This game with amazing potential. Although it's very post beta testing it's already got alot of people interested. In the near future this will be one of the best known online games around!


I didnt come across this until recenty, unfortunately. I have missed out on this fantastic game for all that time, make sure you dont miss this out!!
I find like an advanced Planterarion type game which uses complex battling systems along with graffics which adds to the ecitment, gives you a whole load more to do and you feel like you're actually in corntroll of your game, which is lacking in Planetarion.


Well, quite simply this the best known and largest online game on the net. Everyone must try it. It had just gone into Pay to play ($10 for 2 accounts) which is a major bummer since it will lose alot of their players, but they will also be raking in the cash.

Online Game Fan/Help Sites

Here you can find links to all the other great Fan and Help Sites dedicated to Online Games.

Mr Thokks AAA Tips

A very good Help Site to the AAA, with near enough everything you could want to know about the game, also quiz's and prizes (in game prizes) are going for grabs here.


This is my friends site and is dedicated to gaming on a range of different platforms.

Personal Web Sites

There are all links to sites which I personnaly visit most frequently, other than those online games.

Official Silverchair Site - Chairpage

An Australian band named Silverchair, my favourite rock band and their vocalist/lead guitarist is one of my two idols. They may not be very heard of here in the UK or in America, but in Australia they have just as much respect as the Spice Girls. (ergh!) They even have their own postal stamps!

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