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the great saiyaman shrine

a new begining
***new layout coming shortly***
5.23.02 (5:32 PM) - hey sorry about the frame bein taken out. (hey, i don't exactly visit my site everyday, look at my last update!) brinkster is gay. anyways i fixed it, sorry for any problems.
4.23.02 (2:15) - took out intro and all of the stupid stuff that i said in updates, fixed pictures into 4 pages.
2.1.02 (6:36 PM) - did stuff, and stuff... i added this picture <--- over there. i guess that's all i really did. i think i'm replacing my 'banner' too. alright. that's it.
12.08.01 (7:25 PM) - ok, i added more stuff, voice actors and fixed a picture.
12.08.01 (1:40 AM) - put up the series section in the information thing, and i also cleaned up the links, and i also added a winamp skin on desktop downloads section. alright. i'm tired and sleepy, so see ya later.
12.05.01 (10:11 PM) - added the forum in the extras.
12.03.01 (7:23 PM) - added a link for the guestbook.
12.01.01 (6:26 AM) - put site up... updating pictures and links...
10.15.01 - fixed up a bunch of stuff, new picture for certain things and stuff.
9.31.01 - 10.6.01 - finished the layout, still working on the material for other stuff that's up to come, and what's up now.
9.30.01 - fixed it. started layout and updating.

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