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Listen to Richard Yates read on the Ploughshares website.

Discuss his work with John Self and others.


BBC Films is developing an adaptation of "Revolutionary Road". Justin Haythe is writing the screenplay.


Blake Bailey was one of five finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award.


A Tragic Honesty: The Life and Work of Richard Yates will be published in paperback on May 1, 2004.


Richard Yates is featured in the Fall 2003 issue of the Harvard Review, Number 25. A teaser of Blake Bailey's thoughtful essay is posted on their website.

Also, a new review of A Tragic Honesty by Carol Sklenicka has been posted.


This is a link to press and reviews of Blake Bailey's biography of Richard Yates.


Theo Tait reviewed Revolutionary Road, Easter Parade and The Collected Stories for the London Review of Books

Also, I have updated the links page.


DeWitt Henry's 1976 review of Disturbing the Peace was recently posted on the Ploughshares website.


Yates wrote about some very good masters in the New York Times.


Three weeks before Yates died Scott Bradfield interviewed him for The Independent. Here's the interview. 


In 1989, Elizabeth Venant interviewed Yates for the L.A.Times


Here are the first and second reviews of Revolutionary Road from The New York Times. 


Here are three new articles.

Martin Napersteck Drinks with Dick Yates

and Thieves, by Yates himself.

R.V. Cassill died in May. Here is his obituary. Cassill wrote of of Yates' "favorite" books, Clem Andersen.


I have finally updates the site. Here are a few new items.

Richard Ford's American Beauty (circa 1955),

Lee Siegel wants stories of hope, and

Jonathan Yardley is bored

I will be putting a dozen more articles and reviews online this week.

Yates's Disturbing the Peace is being adapted for film by Mark Bomback.


Michael Charbon talkes at length about Richard Yates in the L.A. Weekly. Also the Links page is complete.


The Richard Yates Discussion Board is up and running. 


The Second Coming of Richard Yates, by Lee Siegal, appears in the July 2001 Harper's.

Ploughshares has put it's 1972 interview with Richard Yates online. It is the most substantial and thoughtful interview with Yates that I've read.

I'll have another interview online in about a week. This one was taken by Scott Bradfield in 1991, just before Yates died.