Well hello and welcome to the Electrocution Distribution online catalogue (http://go.to/electrocution)! Electrocution Distribution is a zine and small press mailorder distribution service.

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Last update: June 6th, 2003
[electrocution is no longer in operation]

**June 6th
Electrocution Distribution is no longer in operation.

At the moment my life is very unstable, in a geographical sense. I have just come back from a pretty big overseas trip and, well, now I have the bug! Iím hoping to have my backpack on again by around the middle of next year and once I leave, I may not come back for about eighteen months! Therefore, I donít think that it is fair to anyone (my suppliers, my customers and to myself) to start this thing up again, if Iím just going to have to pack up once more in a yearís time. Itís a lot of work and also, Electrocution Distribution is becoming somewhat of a taxation nightmare (thanks to Australian GST), so itís just not viable to run on a short-term basis.

Also, in a more immediate sense, I donít really have the room to run Electrocution Distribution any more. Electrocution Distribution was taking up a whole room and spilling out further before I left Australia and Iím afraid that that is a luxury that I can simply no longer afford in my far smaller confines here and now.

I hope that everybody understands.

Having said that though, Iíve come up with a fantastic solution: "Electrocution Zine Solutions"! Electrocution Zine Solutions is an online resource guide for zinesters and zine enthusiasts alike. In some respects it will serve almost the same purpose that Electrocution Distribution has been serving all of these years, but it will cut out the middle-man (me)! Electrocution Zine Solutions will include a full catalogue of zines from around the world and will list full ordering details, similar to those which have appeared on the Electrocution Distribution catalogue, but with the addition of postal, email and URL contacts. That way customers can order directly off the zinesters and hopefully engage in more personal, fun contact. As well the website will include other resources and online articles and columns plus message boards and a news board.

I am still in the very early stages of putting this project together. I hope that the web site will be up within six months time.

Please check back here or email me for more information.

I will to update this site with more details as soon as possible. Hopefully within the month.

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Fortitude Valley,

You can always email me at: