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What makes Tobacco: Flavor Characteristics of Tobacco Smoke: Tobacco is a result of interactions among genetics, environment and how it's managed. Environment; meaning climate, soil etc, and Management of tobacco meaning processes such as curing, aging etc. play a major roll in the ultimate expression of the cured cigarette or cigar tobacco with each having they're own unique characteristics. It is presumed that some 300 different components make up the flavor characteristics of tobacco. Smoke strength is what actually constitutes the principal difference between cigarette and cigar smoke. Cigarette Taste: Whether you smoke Marlboro cigarettes or any other brand, When you think about taste you are actually thinking about the impression of the smoke. The taste of cigarette smoke is a generic term which encompasses the sensations detected by ones senses of smell, touch and taste. there are many factors which revolve around one describing the taste of a tobacco product; and many for which are physiological due to nicotine and other related alkaloids. What is a cigarette? A cigarette is a rod of specially formed tobacco contained by paper with either a filter attached or not. It's consumed in the form of smoke and is primarily the mainstream of smoke. Upon igniting a cigarette, the tobacco with in the rod is transformed from the solid state to the complex smoke state with thermal alteration occurring simultaneously. What's in a cigarette? Cigarettes contain tobacco as the #1 ingredient; Cigarettes also contain many ingredients or additives which are added to the tobacco to create a change of taste and or strength of the cigarette. It has recently been announced that there can be as many as 599 ingredients added to cigarette tobacco at different levels to altercate the taste and flavors which in turn creates the many different brands associated with cigarettes and also for technical reasons such as to control the burning process etc. NOW! We are not going to go into detail of all 599 additives but we will provide you with a quick note. These additive ingredients as we mentioned are to create different cigarette taste and strengths etc. For example; Think of a chef adding ingredients to they're favorite recipe. It has a similar effect. What smokers and other consumers are not completely informed of when they hear these reports from news and media; Is what exactly are these additives? Many of the additives added to cigarettes and other tobacco are ingredients found in the foods we eat every day like Chocolate, Vanilla extract, Cocoa, Coffee, and many other sugar related ingredients Plus many types of oils like corn oil, almond oil etc. A large portion of the list contains different acetates which also we find in many foods which we eat. There are many additives which could be considered unhealthy and the structures of these additives can change when heated or burned which creates chemical compounds. We do not recommend smoking; and by no means want you think smoking is healthy but we would like to provide you with information about cigarettes and tobacco as well as offer you great money saving opportunities.

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