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FEMALE SMOKERS URGED TO GET FREQUENT PAP TESTS (09-13-2004) - Since it was first used in 1939, the Pap smear test has saved the lives of countless women by detecting gynecological cancers early, while there is still time to treat them. It's recommended that women get a Pap test every three years, but is that enough? Researchers say some women may need to get them more often. They’re following some high-risk women to see if more tests more often can save more lives. Sandy carrier has smoked on and off for the last 40 years. Although she knows smoking can take its toll on her health, she had no idea she was putting herself at risk for cervical cancer. "When you think of smoking you think of lung cancer, or you know, cancer of the mouth or larynx, but you don't think of cervical cancer,” said Sandy. But scientists have made that link - and it may not be the only link that sandy has to cervical cancer. Where she lives may have something to do with it as well. Doctor Electra Packet of Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center says - for some reason - women who live in the 13 state region known as Appalachia get cervical cancer twice as often as women in other parts of the country and more of them die from it. One explanation could be more women there smoke and get Pap tests less often. “Has she had appropriate screening? Women who smoke for example should be getting annual Pap smears, not a Pap smear every three years,” said Doctor Packet. Especially in this region - where other risk factors may come into play - people in Appalachia tend to be older, heavier and may have less access to health care. That's why Doctor Packet is now working with 16 rural clinics in the region to better reach women who are at high risk. "We will be doing an intervention to try to get women who need a Pap smear to have a Pap smear. We will try to get women who smoke to stop smoking,” explained Doctor Packet. And by helping to change women's behaviors now, researchers hope it's a first step in improving the health of Appalachian people for generations to come. Now, being a resident of California does "not" mean smokers in the Golden State are not at risk. However, there are fewer smokers in California, which is good news for everyone. In addition to smokers, experts say women who have risky sexual behavior and a history of sexually transmitted diseases should get a Pap test every year as well.

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