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30-Something Smokers Prone To Heart Attacks Study: Heart Attack Risk 5 Times Greater In Men Dr. Mike Rosen POSTED: 5:33 pm EDT September 13, 2004 PITTSBURGH -- Most people wouldn’t look at a 35-year-old and consider him or her a heart attack risk. But new research shows smokers between 35 and 39 are at a significantly higher risk for heart attacks than their non-smoking peers. A 25-year-old who lights up could be looking at being in the cardiac unit 10 years later--brought on by a risk factor, smoking, that is completely preventable. “I’ll keep trying until I just finally give it up. Eventually.” It’s the battle cry of many young smokers: an intent to quit…sometime. But now, new research out of the World Health Organization shows that young people between the ages of 35 and 39 who smoke are at a much higher risk of having a heart attack before the age of 40 than non-smokers. According to cardiologist Dr. Johnny Lee of the NY Heart Associates, “It’s a landmark trial. We know that smoking in older people, it causes more heart attacks but now we at least have a large trial that establishes that in a young age group if you smoke your risk for heart attack is 5 fold higher based on this study.” The international study found the risk of having a heart attack was five times greater for male smokers between 35 and 39, and almost five and a half times greater for female smokers in that age group compared to non-smokers. Cholesterol plaques start to form in the arteries at a very young age, even as early as the early teenage years. Over time, slowly, that plaque builds, sometimes accelerated if the person has more than one risk factor for heart disease. “You add on each risk factor on to a persons profile its not only additive its multiplicative so if someone is already smoking and they have diabetes then their risk is not just 2 times its 3 fold 4 fold,” says Dr. Lee. These are factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and a family history of heart disease. “This is a very important study to use as an instrument to get the public awareness of don’t smoke, we already know that but this is a little bit more scientific to tell our 20 and 30 yr olds “hey you are at risk for heart attack and its not just when your age 50 or 60 so absolutely,” Dr. Lee states. It’s a warning for those who take too casual an attitude about their smoking habit. Still, experts recommend all individuals should concentrate on sticking to a low cholesterol diet, watching salt in-take to avoid high blood pressure, and watching one’s weight because weigh can cause diabetes. Absolutely, one should not smoke, and if it is a problem, one should try to cut back, and if cutting back, should try to quit. There are several mechanisms where smoking does damage to the vessels that feed oxygen to the heart. If those vessels are damaged so much that blood can’t get through, you can get a heart attack. It’s thought smoke affects the ability of the blood vessels to open and close properly. It probably also acts on the cells which line the blood vessels, called the endothelium. It’s believed smoking acts on blood clotting as well, especially in people with inherited conditions that cause people to be more prone to blood clotting. It should be pointed out that the effects of smoking on heart attack rapidly reverses if the person quits, and so there is something very practical a young person can do to prevent having a heart attack prematurely, and that’s to quit smoking.

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