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Update October 28, 2000
Goodbye Abandonware Community.

     You're all pretty great, with few exceptions. Keep the classics alive y'all, and don't let any underdogs die! I gotta be going. I'm beginning to get a real life so I don't have much time for webmastering currently :( However, I do plan on making a couple of sites. A homepage dedicated to me, myself, and I. As well as a site that focuses on free and legal games. Why that jump? is the question some of you may wonder. As I see it there are so many laws that get broken regarding abandonware and warez as well. On the classic gaming side, I'm going to be pestering companies to release games in public domain as publicity stunts. As far as the amount of general pirating on the net, I hope to build a community of people who would rather have their games and apps legally than downloading them off warez sites. What this means is I'm going to try to build an archive of the best freeware games out there. There is really a lack of good central freeware sites. The only really decent one I've seen is, which could be improved. There's also the problem of piracy on the apps side. I'm hoping that when people realize the quality freeware that is out there, and have easy access to it, they will opt to use it as opposed to downloading $100+ programs off the net illegally. I also hope to keep people interested in classic gaming since that's a major part of the quality freeware games out there. I'll tell you all how it goess, but for now I'll be hangin' out of webmastering for a few days.

     As for some parting advice, I do have some to give. Don't cling to small details and when it comes to things that seem big and importent in abandonware, keep in mind that they have no importance compared to a real life crisis. Keep things in perspective. Realize that if you truly try to get along with other people around here, you'll be able to do so and will find them all half-decent folk. I'd suggest having as little to do with oldwarez as possible, because it hurts the publisher's more than abandonware ever will. Finally, the best thing to do is to support eachother. A links section is a great way to do this. Supporting the few rings left out there is also a good idea. I'd say you should consider TUOL as the large ring to join and Abandoned Places as the ring of the future, especially if you once supported TACT.

     I've had fun but I think I'm taking the next logical step here and perhaps the result will be that more abandonware games will be made legal to share. Maybe there will be a few teenagers who decide not to pirate the latest Photo Draw or whatever in favor of Gimp. Maybe instead of downloading Quake 3 someone will decide to download a smaller and actually legal game like a Giana Sisters clone and become more interested in retro gaming. Those are my goals, cya'll later!

Update October 4, 2000
General News: OK, so I forgot to update the manuals for UD's site... shit happens, esp. when the webmaster does not submit his update! Blah, blah, blah...

Abandonware, Rom, & Online Games: Abandonware & Rom ring closed.

Anarchy: First drunken update... an angry drunkard... Added Falcon A.T. and BattleTech 2.

Cosa Nostra: Added Two Ecstatica mirrors, more screenshots, and more games: The Scoop and Pyramids of Egypt.

CW#3: Added 7 Colors for the Amiga.

Flashback Abandonware: Fixed link errors on box shots pages. Please Note: "The sponsor for Flashback that was paying for my hosting on the server has been cut and now the funds are dangerously low - the clickthrough rate on the banner was shocking! 0.10%! It is obvious that what is here is obviously not appreciated, if you download a game from here why not spend 5 seconds of your time clicking on a banner to help keep Flashback up?" Help a brother out... click on the banner.

Golden Site: Huge update! Changed servers from geocities (yuck!) to the AR (uh... no comment ;) ).

Update October 2, 2000
General News: Well that was stupid... for some reason I thought it was November yesterday. I should go back to elementary school. Really, well that's fixed. I also redid the screenshot for the Good Old Days. Sorry Mr. Creosote, that was long overdue :( BTW, I'm sick... I dunno, but I think I'll feel better if you click that text link up there and click through the gateway to give me a dime. That'd at least cheer me up...

Abandonware Dungeon: Some games on this site have CRC errors it seems... well that'll be fixed soon ;) This is a TUOL hosted site so... click the banner ;)

Anarchy: Started up C64 section with M.U.L.E. Added the following PC Games: Zaxxon, Pitstop 2, and Wilderness: A Survival Adventure. Added a manual for Neuromancer. He also added Crime and Punishment but somehow forgot to submit it with his update? Just pickin' at ya Knyghtmare ;)

Classic Trash: Whilst using it's fellow TACT sites, Tox added Dune 1, Cadaver, Tetris, Super Tetris, Igor, and Perry Mason to his site. This puts it at that amazing milestone of 225 :P

Cosa Nostra: Manuals for Populous and Bard's Tale Construction Set have been added. He mentioned screenshots too...As well as adding a mirror for Ectstatica ;)

CW#3: Updated with news that the games from #-P are done in their high-quality form ;)

Home of the Underdogs: The second server has NOT been setup yet :( However, Underdogs added a ton of games with his usual mega-update (although only 19 games this time, LOL): The Last Ninja, The Last Ninja 2: Back With a Vengeance, X-Men: Children of The Atom, Fire & Forget, Fire & Forget II: The Death Convoy, Hyperdyne Sidearms, Trog, Jim Power, The Dark Half, Red Dwarf, Litil Divil Deluxe, Cubic Tic Tac Toe, Destroyer, Top Gun, It's a Funny Old Game, Central Intelligence,: Fire Zone, Allied General, Star General, and Pacific General.

Update October 1, 2000
General News: The server for many sites (Tox's server) is in some trouble. So why am I on it? Because I'm hoping we can bring him some income so that sites like the Abandonware Dungeon, BSOD, Flashback, Good Old Days, etc. can stay alive. So please click on that banner, it's not for me, it's for the good of the scene! Thirteen sites updated (that's 2/3 of the ring) and one new site!

Abandonware Dungeon: Added Inferno - The Odyssey Continues and D/Generation, "a fun action/puzzle game" were added, as well as a new section called Deprotectors which is full of applications that get rid of copy protection: CrackAid v3.39, Crock v2.32, Deprotector, Locksmith v1.31, Neverlock Business, Neverlock Universal, Cheat Engine v2.5, The Patcher v6.5, and Rawcopy.

Abandonware, Rom, & Online Games: updated with a new, improved, design.

Acorn Antiques: All the compressed files have been changed to zips. The ArcOmnibus game collection, Pendown word-processing application, and Paradroid manual were added. Also more help is now available on the help page. The program names Speech has been removed :(

Anarchy: This is the new site, with cool long reviews of a good round 13 games ;) From the review: "They [the reviews] are VERY well written (maybe even above B.S:O.D quality, I dunno...) and cover the main aspects of the game as well as a personal look at it."

B.S:O.D: Conquest of the Longbow, Abuse, Sokoban, Xatax, and Wetspot 2 (QB) have all been added! Amazingly quick on that update.

Classic Trash: Murder (US Gold, 1990) has been added by Aethyrs. Mindtraveller and Abuse also added.

Cosa Nostra: John Gotti has added Populous and Ecstatica and is scanning the manual of Covert Action which he promises will be up when it is done. Also added apps: CPUKiller 1.2b, Rawcopy, and SlowDown 1.10a.

CW#3: Added the following amiga games: A-10 Tank Killer v1.5, The Bard's Tale III, The Bard's Tale Construction Set, Prehistorik, Prince of Persia, Hanse, Powerdrome, Disc, Armour-Geddon, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Moonshine Racers, The Bard's Tale, The Bard's Tale II, Alien Breed, Exterminator, Menace, A-10 Tank Killer, Cloud Kingdoms, E-Motion, and Cadaver. PC Games added: The Cycles, Pinball Magic, Hanse, and Hanse: Die Expedition.

Da|{iller Abandonware: Are we there yet, Asperta, Atomix, Battle Tech: The Cresent Hawks Inception, Beneath a Steel Sky added.

Real Amiga: Amiga games: The Lost Vikings, Tip Off, The Final, Trucking, Tonga added. Emulators: WinFellow Alpha V.0.4.2 Build 1 (Windows 9X) and WinFellow Alpha V.0.4.2 Build 1 (Windows NT) added. The Good Old Days: Indycar Racing Expansion Pack has been added. Amiga section opened with the game: North and South and the apps: Workbench 1.3, Appetizer, Extras 1.3 for the amiga as well as the following emulators for the PC to emulate the amiga: Win UAE, DOS UAE, and Fellow.

The Keep: Empire of the Angel 1 and 2 (both chinese games) have been added.

Treasure Box: Added Championship Manager Italia, Pit-Fighter, Suzuki 250 Motocross, Perry Mason: Case Of The Mandarin Murder, Tom & Jerry, Murder In Space, Murder In Venice, The Third Courier, Altered Beast, and Crime And Punishment. Added manuals for Escape From Hell, Perry Mason: Case Of The Mandarin Murder, Tom & Jerry, Murder In Space, and The Third Courier. Back online!

Update September 24, 2000
Here we are again ;) Can you say update? *update* Five sites updated!

Cosa Nostra now has a totally new design. Unlike the previous redesign, this one completely changes the feel of the site by changing the color scheme and all the graphics as well as the layout. There are also a few new games and manuals. It's basically starting anew.

CW#3 has gone through a pinball craze with three new pinball games: Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, and Pinball Illusions. Hrrrm... some guy is stealing Roberto's downloads, go to the CW#3 site for more information and then kick his @$$.

Home of the Underdogs has been updated with thirty new games (or updated versions): Ajax, Alcatraz, Aspar GP Master, Baal, Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge, Blades of Steel, Cabal (EGA version), Castlevania, Dark Seed 2, Darker, Defcon 5, Fragile Allegiance, Gold of The Americas, Grand Prix 500 2, Lamborghini: American Challenge, Lords of The Realm, RoboCop, Star Wars, Street Rod, Street Rod 2, SuperBike Challenge, Sword of The Samurai, Take Down Wrestling, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Tony La Russa Baseball II, Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball, Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, Vette!, and Zeppelin. Twelve manuals have been added to the site for the following games: Baal, Back to The Future II, Blades of Steel, Cabal, Castlevania, Clue Master Detective, Gold of The Americas, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing, Pharoah, RoboCop, and Super Huey. The forum has also been doing well on HOTU. It's used for more discussion nowadays since it's moved to ezboard ;)

The Keep has been updated with one new game: Times of Lore. Also go look at the FAQ before you decide to grunt and complain through e-mail.

Treasure Box now has 97 games, adding Bill Elliotsīs Nascar Racing, Golden Axe, Escape From Hell, and Operation Wolf. Good luck on reaching (and breaking) 100 ;) Hopefully next update!

Update September 23, 2000
Welcome to the new TACT ;) A big improvement in the design has occurred. Thanks to Vohaul for some help in netscape compatibility. Just two updates today.

The Good Old Days has been changed a bit in design with slightly less colors.

Classic Trash now has three more games: Karateka, International Karate, Mortal Kombat 1 bringing its game count to a big ol' 212!

Update September 22, 2000
Just one update today, and I'm telling you, GOD himself updated. That's right, The Good Old Days' gamecount just increased by one with a wonderful game called Master of Magic. Get over there, now ;)

Update September 21, 2000
Just one update and one new site ;)

B.S:O.D: not just an update, but an update by Vohaul, a momentus day of course! He's added the following games: Lure of the Temptress, Tiny Skweeks, Plebs (QBasic), and Promzone (QBasic). Yeah I don't know what he's thinking putting up those QBasic games... Maybe you should check out his QBasic section, you may learn something new!

Ahh, and the new site, yes! It's the Abandonware, Rom & Online Games Page. A nice page with abandonware and some other cool stuff ;)