9/10/05-New website open www.williamhessian.com

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Two Exclusive Offers! This update is completely unique in the fact that it offer BAO viewers two great deals to take advantage of. One is my new, limited to 200, poetry and art book called Skewer. See the Skewer page to see a sample poem. Secondly, I am selling copies of my two makeshift Master Kroy comic book adventures. Check them out and enjoy.

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If you are a single or married female or male of the age of one to one hundred the Billy Art Message Board is here for you. Meet clever people just like you. Talk about your most vivid dreams, be invited to free bowling parties. Learn vital details about the smurfs and how they were wiped out by a bad case of herpes. Swing with the elemental faucets as we listen to upsidedown chips bleeding kleenex pings. You know you want to be here.

Future Updates: A New Beginning

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