Billy Art Online SuperFans! Each month I will announce this pages three super fans! To be a superfan you must write on the Billy Art Online Message board often, and come see my updates whenver possible. Writing me e-mails and adding my link to your page can't hurt either. And you can be creative on how to try to become a BAO SuperFan! Good luck!

October 2004 SuperFans!
Added Wednesday, October 10th, 2004-

3. Brian Felegy (1 pts.)
Brian recently hosted Shaolin Soccer and began what hopes to be a deep tradition of movie nights. Brian is always good for material on the board and that is why he is #3.

2. Adam Hafermann (2 pts.)
Adam banged up a great series of photos and it was fantastic. Also with the most compelling, "My Dinner" post in the message boards history. Now that he is back at MCAD he is busy, but as long as he has time to add some neat things to the board, he will still earn the #2 spot on this list!

1. Kristof Ericson (3 pts.)
Becoming a three time champion Kris has the crown for the first time since March of 2001. He is the only one posting new works on the board and also keeping the movie thread flowing. His action on the message board is top notch, and now he is the BAO Superfan champion!

Phil's slump has gotten insane, is he destined to be void of this list forever? Adam is two points from claiming Phil's most points claim, could it happen next update? And Red Wing's phenomenol phenom Sara Moe misses the cut as well! Pat also falls off the rankings, but that is because he "goes to the board all the time, but never has anything to write." And it is costing him. Thanks to everyone who checks out the page and I appreciate the support. Let's get on those message boards and continue to talk about fun stuff.

All Time Billy Art Online Super Fan Rankings

1st Place= 3 points 2nd Place= 2 points 3rd Place= 1 point

51pts. Phil Whipps (1-time champ)
49pts. Adam Hafermann (7-time champ)
21pts. Kris Ericson (3-time champ)
18pts. Sara Moe (4-time champ)
15pts. Marilyn Scott Waters (2-time champ)
15pts. Pat Reese (4-time champ)
7pts. Slick Rick (2-time champ)
5pts. Fedja
4pts. Amanda (1-time champ)
3pts. Masked Man (1-time champ)
3pts. Scott Hessian (1-time champ)
2pts. Brian Felegy
1pts. John Ennenga
1pts. Peter Sprangers
1pts. Matt Whipps
1pts. Big J from Portage
1pts. Sleazy B
1pts. Tyler
1pts. Greg

Past Number 1 SuperFans
1. Patrick Reese (July 00)
2. Kristof Ericson (August 00)
3. Slick Rick (September 00)
4. Slick Rick (October 00)
5. Amanda (November 00)
6. Patrick Reese (December 00)
7. Patrick Reese (January 01)
8. Masked Man (February 01)
9. Kristof Ericson (March 01)
10. Adam Hafermann(April 01)
11. Scott Hessian (May 01)
12. Adam Hafermann(June 01 ONE YEAR)
13. Phillip Whipps (July 01)
14. Adam Hafermann (August 01)
15. Marilyn Scott Waters (September 01)
16. Adam Hafermann (October 01)
17. Adam Hafermann (The Year 2002)
18. Sara Moe (April 03)
19. Adam Hafermann/ Sara Moe(Halloween 03)
20. Sara Moe (Xmas 2003)
21. Adam Hafermann (January 2004)
22. Marilyn Scott Waters (March 2004)
23. Sara Moe (Summer 2004)
24. Patrick Reese (Summer 2004)
25. Kristof Ericson (October 2004)
26. TBD (Xmas 2004)
27. TBD (Early 2005)
28. TBD (Slightly after Early 2005)

Superfans are a copywrite idea of Billy Hessian of Billy Art Online. I'm not sure why, or what reason you'd steal BAO's Superfan idea, but in all honeslty I probably won't care anyways.