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the end?

Current SmushBowl announced contestants are:
1.Mushy McGee (1999 SmushBowl Champion)
2.Tough Squish (rookie)
3.Google the Great (rookie)
4.Waggly (2nd Year)
5.King Flyin Flop (rookie)
6.Perry Puff (2nd Year)
7.Eel Girl (rookie)
8.Boxing Karl (rookie)
9.VILE (rookie)
10.POWERPUFF (rookie)

All the contestants have been introduced but the chaos has just begin. The voting cannot begin until things calm down and everything is under control, hopefully PP can restore that sanity.

What is SmushBowl?
Good question. SmushBowl was hard to determine what tocall it, but in the end I have come up with, Smush Bowl is an interactive online comic book. Interactive you say? How? Well, as each page is added, you are introduced to new guys. Guys that are up for a vote, to be voted to be smushed and thus awarded the SmushBowl 2000 award. By your vote, will decide the winning contestant that will then be Smushed live on comic book paper for your enjoyment. So you have to pick the guy you'd most like see be Smushed. Some think you pick your favorite and help him become SmushBowl champion. But some think you should smush the most annoying little creature in SmushBowl the choice is yours my friend.

Smush Bowl History
St. Louis Park High School, 1999. An idea popped into my head while I was supposed to be doing math. Create charectors and let people vote on who they would like to smush the most. It was a huge success. Thus began SmushBowl. And from there it has spawned online for a much wider audience. What a great world we live in.

SmushBowl News
To be updated whenever a SmushBowl event happens or anything regarding SmushBowl 2000 takes place. From backstage politics to illegal smushbowl contestants you'll hear it here first. and that's a fact.

9/14/01- The smushables have been selected and announced, now it is just a matter of restoring peace for long enough for everyone to get their votes in. Pray to the Smushbowl gods that Powerpuff can stop Vile and his vicious gang of hooligans.

8/25/01- The entire Smushbowl organization is running in a frenzy to try to mend the broken parts caused by Vile and his goons. It loos like Smushbowl may be over before it even begins, UNLESS someone can save us, and save us soon! Smushworld is in jeopardy!

8/15/01-With the restart of the games, plans are being made to have this 2000-2001 Smushbowl take place right at the end of the year. The entire things is picking up the pace and is looking to make its deadline. The voting date is set for mid-December and the FINAL page to arrive here at BAO right near the new year. And also the start of Smushbowl 3! If Smushbowl can survive the attack of the three vicious villians that are attacking EVERYONE! Who will save us?

12/24/00- It's been a while. Smushbowl compitition has heated up again right before the end of the year. The vote will not take place until all the contestants have been announced so we will not know who will be smushed for a little while yet. But we have found out 3 new Smushbowl contestants! Two returning contestants.
We also have word that there is controversy in the final four SmushBowl entrees, two of the four remaining have already gotten in numerous fights with other smushbowl contestants threatening to smush them before the voting even takes place. Who are these two trouble makers and when will we find out what they have to say? I guess we will have to wait until the pages come out. But Smushbowl is getting exciting again!

8/5/00- Two pages were added a while ago. And today marks the first time SmushBowl's info page has been added. What a glorious day for the SmushBowl fans and addicts.

Behind the Scenes with Jeph Phillips

12/24/00- This is Jeph Phillips! Word has it I may be appearing on the next page of Smushbowl releasing important infomation, ground breaking infomation that may make SmushBowl fans mouth water. Hopefully I will get some info within the next few days about the other 4 contestants. But in the mean time have a great holiday break, and a merry christmas.

I leave you with one question! Who would you vote for?

Til' page 4, this is Jeph Phillips wishing you all a SmushBowl Holiday!

8/5/00- I am Jeph Phillip and I am on SmushBowl behind the scenes duety. Many contestants that participated in last years SmushBowl are upset over the 5 newcomers to the SmushBowl league. The two we have been introduced to so far are Tough Squish and Google the Great, and both are as nasty and mean as you can get.

The race seems to be heating up. Who will be announced next in the next page of SmushBowl Interactive Comic? Time will only tell, but we have rumors it will be another returning SmushBowl star. Who knows which one it could be.

We also have real confliction backstage here at SmushBowl. Google the Great tried to molest Tough Squishes' daughter which resulted in a nasty bar fight, which resulted in Mushy McGee to pray for them.

The returning champ seems optomistic and happy at all times even when that shard of glass was jammed into his head curtesy of Tough Squish. Mushy McGee is a tough SOB, he did survive last years SQUISHING and is back for this year, to defend his title. Many say his praying face and happy go lucky attitude may make him the first ever two time champ.

This is Jeph Phillips with SmushBowl behind the scenes.