Artwork and Poetry by William Hessian
Limited edition of 200 and signed by the artist

Offer begins Wednesday, October 20th, 2004 (Supply is limited)
Price: $5.00 us

Skewer combines 8 artworks and 7 poems together never before printed. Limited to 200 and each individually signed by the artist.

Because of the small production number supplies may run out at any time, so if interested please do not wait.

Please send your address and money (cash or check: payable to William Hessian) to:

William Hessian
7436 Edgebrook Dr.
St Louis Park, MN 55426

Please allow around two weeks for delivery.

Sample Poem from Skewer:

Teat by William Hessian

Silently we wake, from noise that
troubles the water. Boxes always
unfolding, unfolding and flattening;
into shapes, shapes that were once
three-dimensional and useful.
Boxes that once housed kitten,
kittens that had no wings, kittens
wihtout their mommy, kittens that
peek over the corrugated edge.
Kittens that must look outside the
box, to think outside the box.
They know outside the box
houses mommy. A mommy that
has bad breath, but warm milk in
the belly. Milk that will be sucked
from the teat with great force,
not foreplay, but for survival.