Billy Jay Hessian

Artist Profile (Last updated 6/03/04)

name: Billy Hessian
AOLIM: fettbjh
born: 04/15/82
high school attended: St. Louis Park, MN
college graduate from: Winona State University (South Minnesota)
degree: BA Studio Arts
favorite medium: Oil paints
family: Jay and Lori Hessian (mom and dad)
Scott Hessian (younger brother)
mediums used (used more than twice): Pencil, Ink, Printmaking techniques, Pastels , Guache, Sculpture (Clay and Supersculpy), Pottery, Watercolor, Acrylic Paints, Charcoal
influenced art career(in no particular order):
Adam Hafermann
Danny Dikel
John Ennenga
Kris Erikson
Phillip Whipps
Nick Howard
Pat Reese
Jake Ford
Brian Felegy
Scott Hessian
Lori Hessian
Jay Hessian
Rita Hessian
Alan Tew
Phillipa Chittock
Erik Adolphson
Mr. Anderson
Mrs. Arhens
Jenny Johnson
Matt Saba (the yeti)
Kris Johnson
Nate Glysen (the sasquatch)
Abbey Rabine
David Sellner (his band Tried for Fine)
Adam Cunningham
Entire Split Rock Class
Emily "Death" Krauter
Erik Larsen
Mara Scrupe
Steve Kolb
Bill Kolb
Helen Kolb
Amanda R.
Sara Moe
Matt Semke (his band Straight to Your Brain)
Anne Plummer
Seho Park
Chuck Aydlett
Melissa Losinski
John Losinski
Chun Luk Mah
Mike Holly
Tiernee Horkan
Jesse Valley
Dominic Ricciotti
"Dirty" O'Neal
Margaret Grohn
Carsten Slostad
Eric Lichman
Michael Pendleton
and everyone I forgot to list
and if you think you deserve to be on this page let me know I'm sure I'll agree, especially since I hadn't updated in 3 years.